It’s a common perception that older people aren’t technologically savvy and don’t use computers or the Internet, but a recent survey shows otherwise. According to a poll conducted in April of this year by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, of Americans age 65 or older 53% report that they make use of the Internet and/or e-mail, and 70% of those use it on a daily basis. Further, 33% of seniors use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, a 150% rise in the last three years. These are the highest numbers ever reported and represent a significant increase after several years of stagnant growth.

For affiliates this represents an opportunity to tap into an as yet mostly neglected market demographic. It’s been well reported that the Baby Boomers represent the fastest growing segment of the population. They also happen to be the most affluent part and the one with the most time on their hands. Non tech industries have known this for a long time. Affiliates would be well advised to direct some of their marketing strategy towards senior citizens. After this report, you can bet the competition will.

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