Creating a link campaign can definitely help your site rankings. However, if you’re experiencing SEO issues or feeling the effects of algorithmic updates that have hurt the quality of your links, you’ll need some help to get your link campaign back on the right track.

Here are five common SEO issues that can gravely affect your link building efforts.

Internal Link Structure

Poor internal link structure is one of the most common problems webmasters experience. Poor link structure can include not using good anchors internally or wasting navigation space on lower-quality pages. Also, if you have 20 casino partners that you’re trying to promote, don’t cram all these links together in the same area.

Failure To Properly Integrate 301

A lot of websites still don’t 301 one version of their site (whether www or non-www) to the other version, causing problems with indexation. If you run both www and non-www versions without a 301, you’re essentially splitting the power of your links, as users will link to you using both non-www and www paths.

Not Promoting Additional Link Traffic

If you’re on Facebook or Twitter (and you should be on both), make sure to put these links on your home page where they are in plain view. The same holds true for your blog, your YouTube channel, or anything else that will boost your online presence and give users more opportunities to link to you in different ways.

Failure To Properly Use 404s

Webmasters can use 404s in different ways; just make sure they’re used. If you have links going to pages that are no longer found on your site and you aren’t handling this, this creates a bad user experience that will ultimately affect your traffic and conversions.

Robots.txt Issues

If your site contains loads of PDFs, Excel files, etc., check to see if these pages are ranking. If they don’t rank and aren’t anything you’d like a user to click on without going through your site first, add them to the robots.txt file where they will be blocked.

Have you experienced these SEO issues during your link building campaign? Have you taken steps to fix them? Tell us in the comments below.