SEO: Three reasons to forget about buying backlinks – affiliateprograms.comWhen you’re trying to boost the search engine rankings of your affiliate marketing site, it can seem like a long path to page one.

You’re creating great content, you have a consistent stream of users on your site, and you seem poised for growth. While you’re at this stage, you’re probably getting some great backlinks from other websites in your niche.

But it’s just taking too long to get to page one.

You started this affiliate marketing business for income, right? And now you’re frustrated that your site’s traffic isn’t growing fast enough to meet your expectations.

This is where many new affiliates ask themselves whether they should buy backlinks to help the SEO, or search engine optimization, of their site.

When you see the ads on Elance, Odesk, or Fivver, it almost seems too good to be true. The ability to buy 1000 backlinks for $5 seems like a great deal, a cheap and easy way to increase the amount of links, and traffic, to your website.

I could write all day about the pros and cons of buying links and your link-building strategy. Instead, I’m just going to tell you to stop thinking about buying links, and give you three important reasons why you should never buy backlinks for your site.

Reason #1: You’ll get lazy

When you’re trying to build a network of enthusiastic followers for your affiliate business, buying backlinks trains you to take the easy way out. Instead of focusing your link building on creating great content about your niche, and getting that content posted all over the web, you’re focused on shortcuts.

And that prevents you from focusing on your site visitors, what they need and how you can help them satisfy those needs.

Reason #2: It’s simply against the rules

I could go on and on about this one, but in short, if Google says that buying links is outside of the rules, you’re at risk for getting the “Google Slap.”

It’s also too easy for your competitors to find out that you’ve purchased links and report that to Google.

Reason #3: It’s not a long-term strategy

Most people come to affiliate marketing with a long-term vision. Over and over again, the new affiliates I coach tell me they want to build a network of profitable sites, with the ability to earn income from a variety of niches.

But if you’re buying links, you’re running the risk of getting caught. And when you get caught, you lose your ranking in the search engine results pages, your PageRank, and potentially the value for all of the white-hat links you’ve built to your site.

Essentially, you’ll see your business deflate very quickly. While many affiliates are able to rebuild their site’s ranking after being penalized, they find it necessary to do so organically, by creating a steady stream of quality content on and off-site. And if you’re just starting off now, why not start your business the right way?

Remember, if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. Take Google’s advice and focus on building your affiliate marketing business with a solid, long-term strategy of organic link building. You’ll get better results, and you’ll build a business for the long term.

Have you ever considered buying links? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.