The New Year is well underway, and with it a new set of developments that will be affecting SEO and the way that online marketing professionals approach SEO campaigns. Let’s take a look at perhaps the five biggest trends for SEO in 2012:

1. Mobile marketing. The rise of smartphones and tablets last year heralds an even greater focus on these devices in 2012. Smart SEO marketing will ensure that it is optimised to take advantage of the ever-greater number of people conducting their online business on the move.

2. Social media. This area of online activity continues to grow and grow, with Facebook and Twitter still going strong and now Google+ well and truly established. This year will see the Google algorithm take more account of social media and become ever more sophisticated when it comes to dealing with it.

3. Paid search results will become more important. As Google seeks to maintain and expand its profits, space in the top end of the results pages will become even more valuable. To that end, there will be more emphasis on paid sections

4. A crackdown on SEO spam. With the Google algorithm now better placed to seek and destroy spam, through its Panda application, spammers beware! We saw a vast improvement in spam detection by Google last year, and we can expect this to increase in pace and scope throughout 2012.

5. The heat is on! Competition among SEO marketing professionals is only going to increase in 2012, with more online marketing efforts by new and established companies alike. The amateurs are going to be left by the side of the road as SEO marketing efforts become more efficient and wide-reaching.

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