Website Traffic Check List

The Website Traffic Checklist: Get More Visitors, Shares, and Sales

We’ve created a website traffic checklist. We could go on-and-on about different traffic generation strategies – explaining each – but you’re a busy person. In fact, you may know how it’s done… it’s the timing and routine that’s the hard part. This website traffic checklist is to streamline your ability...


Still Using These SEO Practices? You Should Have Stopped Yesterday

Remember when search engine optimization was a new thing and it seemed crazy complicated? We may understand SEO much better today, but plenty of websites still haven’t caught up. These 10 SEO practices are not only outdated... ...they could hinder your site’s rankings and traffic if you’re still using them....


Panda 4.0 is here (if you didn’t know)

About two weeks ago Matt Cutts announced they had released the newest version of the Panda algorithm: 4.0. In case you hadn’t remembered the earlier iterations of this algorithm change saw quite an impact on websites employing mass link building, thin content, exact domain names, and more. The largest of...


Affiliate Quick Tip: Remove Negative Backlinks with a Simple Email

Google came down hard on backlinks. If you haven’t you should certainly take some time to look into the Google Webmaster Tools and see which backlinks you’re being penalized. A good amount of these links you really won’t have control over. They were probably built so long ago that it’s...


Want to Win at Google? Just Change the Date

Not that long ago Google decided that fresh content would be highly valuable to its users because it provided the most up-to-date information. In theory the freshness update would keep great, older content in the search engines but this doesn’t seem to be the case on many different occasions. Due...

long tail keyword traffic

What is Long Tail Keyword Traffic? A Brief Overview and Guide

Long tail keyword traffic allows you to create a presence among the billions of Web pages on the Internet. The long tail is the solution to the problem that is a troublesome time getting noticed. Big sites have already gobbled up the big markets because they have the financial backing...


Google SEO for Images: The Basics

Google Image Search is widely used to find images, gifs, infographics, and more. There have been many changes to the layout and image quality throughout the year but one thing has remained the same: people use image search as a tool for website discovery. As a website owner, you frequently...


The Beginner’s Guide to Traffic Generation: Forums

When is the last time you became a member of a forum? Your mind is drawing a blank – isn’t it? No worries, though, because forums aren’t exactly the hot ticket items as they used to be in the earlier days of the Web; this last decade has seen forums...

Traffic Blueprint

Get 100 Website Visitors a Day with this Traffic Generation Blueprint

You... ...found a niche. You’ve... ...set up a website And... ...found products to promote. Its launch day, you’re excited at the awesome opportunities you’ve heard about in affiliate marketing, you wait patiently and … no one comes. Ouch. Launching a new website, from scratch, can be a real shock to...

Small Communities

Conversion Matters: How a Passionate Following Outweighs Big Stats

Conversion matters when you have a small, passionate community. It’s easy to get wrapped up with chasing big numbers. We're talking about spending all your time trying to build website traffic. Or,  creating a masisve social media following because that's just what you've read about building a brand. Satisfying as they...