Shopify is a robust shopping cart / ecommerce store development suite that has taken off in popularity thanks to its sleek designs, usability, price points, and modern approach to online sales.

There have been thousands of stores created through Shopify. As this service continues to grow in popularity, along with an increase in small businesses reaching out to include ecommerce, it’s a no-brainer that promoting their product can yield great gains for your affiliate marketing income.

Compared to other shopping carts such as OpenCart, Volusion, or Magento – Shopify is a pure breeze. Anyone has the ability to create an online store even if they do not possess the technical knowledge. The built-in best practices will give a subscriber the ability to create an attractive, effective website without the need to invest in designers, developers, and other vital items when creating an online store.

Shopify now offers a point-of-sale system much like Square or Paypal. A small business can sync their sales from their online store with their physical location which greatly reduces the hassle of managing inventory between the two (and costs associated with processing payments).

The Shopify Affiliate Program

The Shopify affiliate program is quite generous.

The program gives two main options:

A. Earn 200% per sale when referring people to Shopify. This can pay upwards of $358 per sale.

B. Earn 20% of each bill which accounts for their monthly subscription fee and part of the processed transaction fees.

The Shopify affiliate program is truly attractive because of the alternative options you have to earn through it, such as:

  • You can create a Shopify theme and earn 20% of the monthly bill if people use the theme
  • You can create apps on the Shopify app network and earn 80% of the sale

Payments are processed on the 15th of each month and paid out through Paypal; the payout happens after you’ve accumulated just $25 otherwise it rolls over until you reach the threshold.

You can also find a lot of helpful resources for implementing the program such as with banners, tracking, reporting, and access to partner managers that will go out of their way to accommodate your requests.

The Shopify Affiliate Program: In Review

Promoting Shopify is a great choice if you’re referring people to shopping carts. The sleek designs and ease-of-use removes the hurdles for new subscribers which should make it easy to convert your target audience. The option for earning through sales or app & theme development is quite attractive.

Here’s a breakdown of the program …

The Good

  • One of the easiest-to-use shopping carts (great for beginners and non-techie business owners)
  • Great looking themes and apps that’ll save customers a lot of money
  • High affiliate payouts and recurring commissions means big bucks

The Bad

  • Plenty of competition for shopping carts and some businesses may be suck with what they have
  • Price varies which may dissuade some business owners that want an open source solution
  • Restricted to Paypal for payouts

The Bottom Line

All-in-all, Shopify is a no-brainer for affiliates. The program is very generous in commissions and methods to earn. The increase of ecommerce means that you’ll have a constant stream of referrals if you can convert. Having recurring, percentage-based commissions with each new subscriber is simply amazing especially if the shop takes off in popularity.

Our Rating: 5 out of 5

The cart basically sells itself. Create some content around ecommerce, put up those banners, run some advertising, and you’re likely to start earning very soon.