I want to show you the easiest way I’ve found to discover profitable physical products for your affiliate promotion.

We all know Amazon.com.

Though we can’t see the sales numbers we can certainly take advantage of the listings based on:

  • How they appear in search results
  • The price
  • Number of reviews and feedback
  • Copy and creative

Amazon has it all and they’ve done a great job at creating sub-categories for a ton of different types of products which means you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for in terms of promotion.

The other site I’d recommend throwing onto your list is Alibaba which actually controls about 80% of China’s ecommerce market. Some products may not be the same name brand but it will also give you an idea of what’s hot from around the World which is great when you’re receiving international traffic.

Okay so here’s what you do in the simplest way possible.

I recently wanted to help a friend find a way to cool off while they worked in a warehouse (since we’re both located in Florida and it can get quite hellish during the day). A general train of thought would be fans but that market is dominated by the big boys (plus not feasible when my friend is constantly moving around) so it needed to be a niche item.

Here’s what happened:

Hrm… what’s this? Amazon shows me a product for the first result…

Already I’m starting to see a niche form because of a few indicators:

  • There is a sub-market of air conditioners & accessories called ‘portable’
  • The product has a pretty good review from a decent amount of people (interest)
  • The seller has answered questions (which can be used a part of a review)
  • The details also help with forming a review

Then when you look a bit further you see other comparable products that become reviews and alternatives for those on a budget or don’t quite seek the current offer they’ve found…

We also have all these reviews that can give us a great idea on how well it’s received with customers and the bonus is that we also have a video review which can give us a few ideas if we decided to make one and post it on YouTube and our site (at some point)…

The extra kick goes back to what we first found out which is our keyword phrase so when we plug it into Google we get a good amount of data like the competition and search volume…

Did you also notice the related searches? That’s gold.


This is about the simplest way I can think of when it comes to finding great, profitable (physical) products to sell. From here you can do whatever you want whether it’s making a niche site or having it in mind when running an advertising campaign.

There are thousands of these sub-niches’ out there. All you need to do is a preliminary search using a site like Amazon.com (or Alibaba) and you’re bound to find something worthwhile to promote in your affiliate marketing business.

Good luck!