Placing advertisements on your site is a great way to recoup the cost of your site expenses. With enough traffic that advertising can turn into a real money maker.

But underneath it all there are some potential problems to hosting ads on your site.

In the following we’ll be looking at the good & bad of having site ads; it should paint a picture on whether they’re right for your site or whether it’s something to avoid all together.


Yea to Site Ads

Site ads can be great in many ways:

  • Ads are very easy to add to a site which makes them quicker earners; all you need is attractive creative that’s provided by the advertiser (or done by you) along with a bit of copy that will entice the clicks.
  • The ads can lend to your research; it gives insight about what products people are going for which can then be incorporated into your projects by either replicating the item or creating something competitive (and of higher value) thus cutting out competition and taking in more money from direct sales.
  • Certain projects benefit from ads because they may be ones that you aren’t entirely invested; they continue to generate a revenue without really having to constantly pursue affiliate promotions which can become tiring depending on the niche.

Once you have that traffic you can command a higher rate for the advertising and it’s at this point where they can become very lucrative.

Nay to Site Ads

Sometimes, though, site ads aren’t all that great:

  • Ads drive people away from your website and if you end up promoting the wrong product/service that can reflect on your brand image; one bad promotion and you can lose a large chunk of your audience which isn’t worth the money the ad generates.
  • Suddenly placing ads on the site can be very off-setting for many people which may drive them away; ads generally break the “flow” of user experience because it’s very visually jarring.
  • Ads often pay very little especially if you’re using something like Google Adsense; for a few pennies per click you have to wonder if it was worth sending those people away versus having the chance for them to click through one of your affiliate links.

Be sure that you’re weighing the options and going with a monetization method that best suits your site which may not be site ads.


Overall you really have to just look at the long-term goals.

Site ads can be a great way to monetize a site but at the same time you’re essentially driving people off the page and to a competitor. You can make great money from it but it’s good to look at what you could make by keeping people within your ecosystem and buying into your products/services or offers.

Certain projects you work on could probably benefit greatly from running ads because you may want to have a hands-off approach. Other projects such as ones that are closely tied to your personal brand may be best suited to omit the ads. Again it really depends on the long-term goals you have for the projects.

Look into the yea and nay. See what works best for the site. Use your good judgment.