Create a Facebook Cover Photo

How to Create an Awesome Facebook Cover Photo [Bonus: Free Cover Template]

The Facebook cover photo says a lot about your page and brand. It’s a billboard in the simplest sense. You can use the cover photo to share ideas, promote new offers, or set the tone for what followers can expect from your Facebook page. This is all part of what...

Using an Image Compression Tool

Get More Page Views and Conversions by Using Image Compression Tools

I’ve been on this kick about page bloat. We have plenty of tools like content delivery networks, HTML/CSS minifiers, and browser caching. Google and Facebook do a few tricks for displaying pages faster with AMP and Instant Articles. But, there’s still this underlying problem that pages are bloated with code,...

Meta Tag Creation

Meta Tags: Abused, Neglected, and Great for SEO and Clickthrough

It’s crazy to believe only 1 in 3 websites are using meta tags. That means only 1 in 3 sites are getting the most from their SEO. There’s a huge gap in the use of meta descriptions and canonical content tags, too! has meta tag usage broken down by...

Design a Website Logo

How to Quickly Create a Free Website Logo: The Complete Guide

Do you want to create a website logo? Ever wondered how it’s done and if there were ways to create a logo for free? Or, maybe you’re design-challenged and need logo design software to make something quick and easy for an online project or business idea. We’re not saying we’re...


The Basic HTML Every Blog and Site Owner Should Know

Being a blogger using a CMS or site owner having paid for development may have you asking: “Why should I bother learning basic HTML if it’s done for me?”. Sure, 99% of the time you’ll never touch the code… …but what about the 1% you’d like to make custom changes?...

Blog Categories

How to Pick Blog Categories (Without Making a Mess of the Blog Archives)

A common problem when bloggers pick blog categories is the lack of oversight. It’s having to rework blog category archives, as the blog grows, because the categories don’t match the topics. Or, they were creating new blog categories each time they went to publish. The blog became a jumbled mess....

Start a WordPress Blog

How to Start a WordPress Blog [2018] – A Step-by-Step Guide

Have you heard about this "make money online" thing and wanted to start a WordPress blog to get in the action? Or, maybe you'd like to share your personal experiences. Perhaps, it's building a blog for your company or freelance portfolio? All great options -- all doable with a WordPress...

Google Analytics for WordPress

How to Install Google Analytics on a WordPress Blog [Quick and Easy]

You’ll want to install Google Analytics on a WordPress blog if you plan to understand and track website traffic. Knowing how many people are visiting, where they’re clicking, how long they’re staying, and what makes them exit can help determine ways to improve the site… ultimately leading to more sales....

Free Images for Blogs and Social

13 Invaluable Websites to Find Free Images for Your Blog and Social

Are you looking for free images for your blog? Perhaps you’re in search of photos for social media posts? Or, maybe you need free stock images and high quality- media for an e-commerce site? A lot of bloggers make the mistake of using Google to search for free images. Newbie...

Meta Description

How to Write SEO-Friendly Meta Descriptions [with Examples]

SEO-friendly meta descriptions and tags were all the rage a decade ago. They were quite effective in boosting search engine rankings which lead many site owners to “stuff” their pages with keywords. Google (and other search engines) let this slide for a while but eventually gave these sites a slap....