If we’re only talking about the technical aspects of being a website owner then there is just a handful of steps you need to take when launching a website.

Selecting and registering a domain is the initial step. And once you’re done with that you need to get yourself a hosting account and select a hosting plan. This is exactly what we’re going to talk about in this article.

Then when you have your domain and hosting set in place the next step is to install WordPress and finally launch your site, but that’s a topic for a whole other tutorial.

First, you have to choose a hosting provider. There are many respected hosting companies on the web providing a lot of different plans and configurations. For a beginner, we advise to go with a shared hosting plan at Bluehost or Site5.

Shared hosting is a concept in which you buy a web host service, but you have to share your hosting server with other clients of the hosting provider. This type of hosting is more than enough to get any affiliate site going.

If your site grows and starts to attract more and more visitors you can always switch to a dedicated server plan. This is where you get a whole server (whole machine) to yourself and you don’t have to share it with anyone.

At Bluehost you can get started at $5.95 a month – the most basic hosting plan. At this price you can host unlimited number of domains, and also get unlimited hosting space, unlimited file transfer bandwidth and unlimited email accounts for your domains.

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Also, the hosting plan comes with lots of security features and a possibility to have a WordPress blog installed in just a couple of clicks.

At Site5 the basic plan starts at $4.95 a month, so it’s even cheaper. However, at this price you can only host one website. If want more you’ll have to get a different plan, at $8.95 a month.

How to Get a Hosting Account

When you go to Bluehost there’s a big button in the center of the page saying “Sign Up Now.” Start by clicking on it.

In the next step you’ll be asked if you already have a domain name or if you want to register a new one.

Bluehost can take care of registering a domain for you, but doing it earlier at GoDaddy is a lot better solution. So you’re probably going to use the second option here – input your domain name and click “Next.”

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The form that gets displayed next is a classic online service signup form, there are lots of fields asking you for various information.

The first section is about your account information. Things like first name, last name, address and so on.

The second section is about the hosting plan you want to select. The dropdown list presents some various price points depending on the duration for which you want to buy your hosting.

The most cost effective approach is to get the “24 month price.” In this case you’ll be paying only $5.95 a month.

There are two additional options here:

  • SiteLock Domain Security. This is a premium pack of services containing things like: malware removal, improving database security, improving network security, and so on.
  • Site Backup Pro. This is an automatic backup service. What this means in plain English is that your sites are automatically backed up, and then can be restored in case anything goes wrong.

The final section is about billing information. Just some basic fields that are common to any other sales page on the internet.

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When you fill out all the fields and click “Next” you’ll be presented with a final step in which you have to create your main admin password for your hosting account.

The password has to be secure so you’ll have to make sure that you adhere to these guidelines:

Setting up your password is the final step. From now on, your hosting is set up and you’re good to go. You can start installing WordPress right away.

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We’re curious, how many domain names do you own?