There isn’t much stuff that you really have to spend money on in order to be able to join the affiliate marketing game. Basically, there are only two elements in this group: an internet domain and a hosting account.

Without any hosting you won’t be able to launch your website, and without your website you won’t be able to build any sustainable income from affiliate marketing. Actually, many affiliates choose to take part in many different niches by using many individual sites. For such a situation, getting a reliable hosting provider is even more crucial.

Now, there are a couple of different paths to choose when looking for a web host. The holy grail is, as always, to find a quality free solution. However, such a thing doesn’t exist when we’re talking hosting.

There are some hosting providers offering free plans, but what it means in most cases is one of two things:

  • You’re not the owner of your site, and it can go down at any given moment. Also, your content may be used without your approval by your hosting provider for their own purposes.
  • You have to agree to have advertisements displayed on your sites. These ads are not under your control, and what’s even worse, whatever money is made from those goes straight to your hosting provider (you won’t see a cent of it).

The simple truth is that if you want a good hosting provider you need to invest some money. Thankfully, this isn’t a big amount, especially if you’re just starting out.

What we have for you today is an inside look into Site5 (hosting provider) and the services it has to offer.

Basic Hosting Plans

Let’s start with the most basic information first. Site5 offers a range of hosting plans and solutions. Depending on the size of your online business you can go in lots of different directions.

For affiliates who are just starting out their businesses we recommend selecting the basic web hosting plan, starting at $4.95 per month.

Even though the price is very small, which I’m sure you agree with, you get a wide range of features and benefits. Just to name a few:

  • Unlimited disk space. Your websites can grow to any size. This also means that you can publish whatever type (and size) of information you want.
  • Unlimited bandwidth. In hosting, bandwidth is a measure of size of traffic and data that can be processed. “Unlimited,” as you would imagine, simply means that it’s not something you have to worry about.
  • You can host one website. If you want to be able to host unlimited websites you’ll have to choose a plan that’s next in line, for $8.95 a month.
  • Easy website builder included.
  • Backups. Site5 gives you an easy way of backing up your sites and accessing the backup copy whenever you need it.
  • Account management platform called “Backstage.” It’s where you can manage every aspect of your hosting account.
  • SiteAdmin. An environment in which you can manage your websites and their parameters.
  • Uptime guarantee of 99.9%. Uptime is the most crucial factor for every hosting account. In essence, it’s the amount of time when your website is up. The value of 99.9% is really impressive.
  • 45-day money back guarantee.

Before we move on to take a look into remaining hosting plans, let’s mention a couple of other features at Site5 that are available to every customer, no matter what plan they choose.

One of the most interesting things is the possibility to choose your hosting location. At first, it doesn’t seem that important, but think about it for a minute. The closer your server is to your actual audience the quicker your website loads for them. Also, not that long ago Google has acknowledged that loading times are one of the ranking factors.

There are many locations available, such as: Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, New York City, Washington DC, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, London, Sydney, Amsterdam, and Singapore.

Another important thing, especially if you want to migrate your old site to your new Site5 hosting is the Free Migration feature. What’s best about it is that the team at Site5 does the job for you. They take care of all data and website transfer and make sure that everything works perfectly.

Site5 Hosting for Advanced Users

Maybe “advanced” is not the best word, so let’s just explain what we mean here.

If you’ve been in the game for some amount of time, and you’re searching for a new hosting provider, or you’re running an affiliate company and you want to offer hosting as part of your services then you should take a look at some of the other hosting plans at Site5.

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Reseller Hosting

To put it simply, reseller hosting is a plan in which you can resell your hosting to other people.

Reseller hosting plans at Site5 start at $23.95 per month. In this, you get 50GB of disk space, 500GB of bandwidth, possibility to resell unlimited number of customer accounts, free billing software, three unique IP addresses, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and the 45-day money back guarantee.

In case you need more disk space or bandwidth you can upgrade to two other plans ($33.95 and $49.95 per month).

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Virtual Servers Hosting

This is a kind of dedicated hosting, only the machines are virtual (software based). This is a great solution for people who want to get a specific machine that fits their requirements perfectly.

This is, of course, a solution for more advanced users. Until your websites reach high popularity we don’t think you’ll be needing this.

The basic plan starts at $40 per month. The top of the line plan sits at $600 per month. This may sound expensive, but if your sites are making you 30 times the amount then opting for a truly quality hosting sounds like a very reasonable thing to do.

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Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting closes the list of hosting plans offered at Site5. Actually, this isn’t a separate hosting plan, per se.

That’s because you can get a cloud version of every other plan offered by Site5 (a cloud version of the basic plan, cloud reseller hosting, and cloud VPS hosting).

The idea is that in cloud hosting you get multiple machines working together to make sure that you get the highest uptime possible (up to 100%). You also get truly high scalability in case you get hit by a sudden spike in traffic. Not to get into all the technical details let’s just say that cloud hosting is among the most advanced types of hosting available these days.

Depending on the hosting plan, the prices are:

  • Shared cloud hosting (basic cloud web hosting) – starting at $20 per month.
  • Reseller cloud hosting – starting at $50 per month.
  • Cloud VPS hosting – starting at $100 per month.

No matter what your opinion was before reading this article, we hope that by now you understand that free hosting is not something you should base your affiliate business on, and that Site5 has some really nice and affordable plans to offer. With their money back guarantee and Free Migration service there’s really no reason not to try them out.

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