Affiliate marketing is so much more than finding a neat strategy and putting it to work in your projects. You should be out there, experimenting, and always challenging the industry otherwise it will become stale and create bad habits the longer you stay in the game.

I want to share some of those bad habits that many of us have picked up over the years (I, too, will admit I have) that really do need to stop because it’s getting us nowhere:

Outsourcing Everything

So you read the 4 Hour Work Week and got excited about the idea that you could just hand over your business to others and kick back on the beach. There are times when automation and outsourcing really do wonders (such as content creation, design, and sometimes customer service).

But the more you outsource the more you begin to lose the soul of your brand. The business begins to feel stale because it doesn’t have that unique feeling people had when they first started stumbling upon your content. People want to hear from you.

The “Holy” Button

You know the one I’m talking about…

  • Obnoxiously large
  • Generally yellow
  • Had red outlines
  • Maybe an arrow
  • Sometimes blink (or have hover effects)

Yes, it works for some industries but you really need to do testing for your niche because sometimes a big, ugly, yellow buy me button just won’t fit (no matter how many times you’ve read about it).

Overdoing It on the Links

There are thousands of great products to promote in every niche (and many more the bigger you go) but you don’t need to turn your content (and site) into some massive affiliate link farm.

You know why people buy? Because they trust you.

When you’re promoting some new product each day it makes those followers wonder if what they just purchased matches up to this new promotion. They get buyer’s remorse. They get burnt out. Hell, they probably didn’t even get through the first part of the course or really got to know the product before shoving more into their faces.

Slow it down.

Way Too Much Social

Social is awesome because it’s free, you can build an audience in no time, and meet really interesting people but just like how it is with overdoing links it can get very annoying when you try to push your followers onto numerous social channels.

For what? You’re probably automating the updates so most of them are the same or at least jumbled so then where’s the real value of following you if it’s just some kind of RSS feed?

Get good at one or two social platforms and stick to them. Be as active as you can. You can automate a bit of it but put 90% of the time into actually listening to and talking to people.

Overplaying the Association

If you were featured in TIME magazine that’s absolutely fantastic and damn well better be somewhere on your sight because that’s amazing branding association.

But then you’ve got the others… the type that count their guest posts as having been featured on these reputable news outlets or industry websites.

Try associating with players that really pique the interest of the audience – the up-and-comers, the game changers, the mavericks. These are the people that are going to change the industry and become great personal brands.

Do you want to say you were featured in Search Engine Journal or be known as one of the inner circle buddies of a rock star in your industry? The later has major swing.

Being Way Too Rigid

The worst habit I see is that when you have people just getting into their niche, not fully understanding what they’re doing, and begin to conform to so-called “best practices”.

Best practices are great and all but it stops people from being creative with their work. They may start out quirky, rude, or really passionate but within time they’ve been hammered about “this works better like this” or “you should be doing that” which takes the fun factor away.

Once people are told how it should work they become yet another part of that system. The tone changes, the topics become uninspired, and the fire starts to fizzle.


We all make these bad habits in due time. Most of the time it’s because we allow our ego’s to inflate because we get the ol’ pat on the back. We see a bit of success and tell ourselves that was 100% hard work without realizing that there are many factors of luck in play.

We need to tone it down a notch and explore Affiliate Marketing outside the “rules”. We should be rebels. Push the boundaries of our skills, break old habits, and try something fresh.


Image by skeeze