For internet marketers, social bookmarking sites are still an excellent way of driving traffic to websites or blogs. Even though the method is not as effective as it was a couple of years ago, it’s still on the radar and should be taken into account when building your online campaigns.

There are two main benefits of social bookmarking. One is SEO (link building), the other is traffic – yes, people still use the search engines on sites like Delicious to find relevant information.

What Social Bookmarking Sites to Use

There’s only a handful of A-list players in social bookmarking, and they are:

Delicious is the biggest and the most respected social bookmarking site. The principles behind it are very simple. You can get a free account, and then submit any bookmark you want. The bookmark is public for everyone to see.

When it comes to Delicious, you can make your work a lot easier by installing a Firefox extension – Delicious Bookmarks. With it, you can submit any site you’re currently browsing by a click of a button.


The main idea is to submit your sites along with other things you’ve found on the internet. If you go overboard with it and submit your site only, Delicious will ban your account.

When you’re submitting a bookmark, make sure to use a short and interesting headline. Thankfully, using the headline of the page you want to bookmark tends to work well.

(Your headline becomes the anchor text of the link. If you’re submitting the link for SEO purposes only, not traffic, then you can use your desired keyword as the headline.)

Also, make sure that your descriptions are short and to the point. Try to give the reader a reason why they should visit your link.

When it comes to sites like Digg and Reddit they are quite similar to each other. Of course, the nature of the things that get popular on these sites differs a lot, but the main principles remain.

What works is viral content. Things that are share-worthy by nature. If you try to submit anything of even a slightly promotional nature, you’ll see no results.

StumbleUpon is known to provide sudden spikes in traffic over a short period of time. It’s not uncommon to get 1000 visitors in a matter of one hour, but such traffic is rarely valuable. However, it’s still good for your brand and the credibility of your website as a whole.

Plus, if you display any contextual advertising you might be able to make a quick buck on the side off this traffic. What gets popular on StumbleUpon? In a word: cool things. Product reviews, promotions, discounts, and so on, don’t work.

What other social bookmarking sites do you use, and what’s your overall opinion on social bookmarking?