Social media can do wonders for connecting with your community, building a brand, and generating sales – and the best part is that it’s free!

Well … kind of.

There is “money” being spent whenever you use social media and that comes in the form of time.

Time you spend on social media campaigns takes away from doing direct money-making actions such as writing a sales letter, acquiring a client, or launching an advertising campaign. Money is also being lost because your time can be set as a dollar amount so every hour you’re on social media you’re losing out two-fold.

For these reasons it’s worthwhile to make the up-front investment into social media marketing tools.

These tools come in a variety of forms, flavors, features, and focus but one thing they all have in common is the ability to make your life easier.

Here are some of our top picks for social media tools for streamlining:


Hootsuite is an all-in-one type tool that allows you to manage all the major social media platforms. The tool will give you the ability schedule messages and tweets to platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. There is a function to track brand mentions which will aid in online reputation management; this goes hand-in-hand with the tools’ ability to assign team members if you’re operating a larger social media campaign.

There is a free version of the tool that’s stripped down on a few features but the upgrade to pro isn’t all that expensive clocking in around $8.99/mo.

Funny sounding name aside, does a great job at automating content syndication while including tools for tracking and optimization. The main item that will draw you to this service is its ability to distribute content through feeds (they can be sites you follow, too) to any number of services such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and the major players in the social media game. The tool gives you immense control over how the message is formed and the channels to which it is sent.

Pricing starts at $19.99 a month and scales depending on your needs and business size. There is also a content syndication service provided by the team that acts like sponsored stories and a press release for getting it found.


Buffer does what many other tools provide in terms of automating and scheduling social media updates, tracking & insights, and the option for team management but what makes Buffer worthwhile is its overall simplicity. The tool is intuitive and requires just a few moments to have an item schedule to send out to a preferred social media network.

The tool really starts to take off when you begin to explore the apps and extensions which helps Buffer tie its services with other favorite social media tools and services like Tracky,, Jugnoo, and many others.

The free version should give you a good understanding of its benefits and features but if you need a greater selection of post counts, social media accounts, and team members than the $10/mo is for you.


Triberr is one part community building tool, one part traffic generation service, one part relationship management, and one part … whatever you want. The idea behind Triberr is that you build tribes of like-minded, focused individuals within your network and industry – together you can help promote work from another to amplify reach.

All it takes is a simple setup of your feeds and profile, then begin joining, following, and starting tribes. From there it’s up to you to produce great content for others to share (but there is a reblog function which gives you the ability to install a WordPress plugin and republish posts from your Triberr feed directly to your site – including comments).

Triberr is free to use but has many great features if you decide to subscribe ($10/mo) that will give you a bigger reach and more control over your tribes.


Zapier … hrm … this service may be slightly difficult to explain for the techno-challenge but consider this: it’s a tool that allows you to set conditions (zaps) that link multiple actions. In basic terms, you can do such things as saving Gmail emails to Evernote, collecting leads from WuFoo and adding them to Aweber, and thousands of other Zaps – the best part is that it’s automated.

The tool may seem confusing at first but the team behind it has put a lot of work and service into providing easy-to-understand tutorials and template zaps so you can get in, start connecting, and create an automated flow of information for all aspects of business – especially social media.

The free version should start you off with enough flexibility to play with the platform and begin automating tasks; if you get hooked than there are basic, business, and business plus options that provide more tasks, zaps, and faster syncing.


Over to you – what are your favorite social media tools that make your life easier?