In time, you’ll begin to make a decent amount of money with your online income.

You may completely replace the income from your job and make the leap to full-time affiliate marketing or your goals may be to just supplement parts of your take-home pay to open more time to spend for yourself and with family & friends.

Either way, you’re earning extra money which gives you a lot of wiggle room.

Before you run off to a casino and gamble away the earnings – have a look at some of our suggestions of smart ideas for spending your hard-earned online income.

Cover the Taxes

What a surprise it will be when it comes time to do taxes and you haven’t been paying the government.

Income you earn, whether it’s online or offline, needs to be reported to the IRS; it can quickly add up throughout the year and if you’re not paying attention it could catch you by surprise.

Set aside at least 15% of your online income to cover what’s due at taxes – it’s better to break even and not owe than get stuck footing a big bill.

Set aside for a Vacation

You (and your family/friends) needs some down time.

An entrepreneur puts in a ton of hours compared to working a regular 9-to-5 job. In a few short years you can find yourself burnt-out because you haven’t taken time to relax.

Vacations can be cheap if you hunt for flight & hotel deals, avoid the tourist traps, and manage your money.

We’d recommend taking about $50, a week, from your online earnings and setting it aside for a vacation later on in the year. It’ll be worth it.

Re-invest in Online Tools

A smart business owner works with smart tools.

Time is your most valuable asset; once you give it up you can’t take it back. For this reason you have to work with your brain rather than your brawn.

Consider investing in tools that will help you with any number of online activities such as link building, email marketing, social media exposure, advertising, content creation, and networking.

You’ll not only free up valuable time that can be shifted toward bigger goals or other projects but it’ll relieve a great deal of stress and the “droning” feeling that comes from many of these repetitive tasks.

Support a Charity

Every individual had to rely on another to get where they’re at.

Sure, you may like to think you’ve done it all but there is always someone in the background that has supported your actions whether that’s your family, friends, or community.

Now it’s time to give back.

Consider taking a small portion of your online income for a charity that aligns with your ideals and morals; it’ll be good karma on your end for being an aid and others will greatly benefit from your actions even if it’s a mere 1% of your income.

Upgrade your Home Office

  • Are you feeling comfortable sitting in that chair?
  • Does your work desk provide enough space?
  • Do you have all the tools you need to stay productive and agile?

You most likely have a list of office upgrades somewhere on your hard drive – now’s the time to pursue them.

One at a time, upgrade parts of your home office.

You’ll work better when you’re comfortable, have access to the right items, and feel like a champ.

Focus on your Health

This entire time sitting in front of a computer can bring major trouble to your health in years to come.

Take a percentage of your online income to:

  • Upgrade your health insurance plan
  • Have regular doctor visits and examinations
  • Join a gym or invest in exercise equipment to stay fit
  • Purchase items for the office like a standing desk or exercise ball chair

What good is earning a living from the Web when your health has dropped out? You’ll certainly have a nice bank account but if you can’t leave the house than it’s not all that worth it, right?

Play with the Stock Market

Maybe it’s time to give the stock market a try?

The stock market is intimidating to many but there’s much to make if you play it correctly.

No, don’t worry about day trading and penny stocks. Focus your attention on the big wins by investing in companies in which you’ve done research and stick with it for years. The stock does show a gain when it’s stretched over a good amount of time so explore this option with longevity in mind rather than a short-term gain.

Side-note: If you’re receiving a 401k or Roth IRA than max out them every year.

Invest in other Businesses

Take the role of an investor and seek businesses that could use additional income, be the provider, and take a cut from their profits once they’re off the ground.

This doesn’t need to be big businesses, either.

You can provide small loans to new entrepreneurs or cut a deal whereas you earn a percentage of their income (get a contract, of course).

An extra benefit from this action is that you can network with other entrepreneurs that could not only add to your bottom-line but also build your network!

Give a Gift

When’s the last time you gave something away?

There are many times to give a gift (and to whom):

  • To family and friends that you may have neglected
  • To business partners for their help
  • To community members for their devotion to the brand
  • To yourself for sticking with it

These gifts don’t have to be extravagant – anything can be a welcoming way of saying thank you.

And so there you have it.

These are but a few selections of ways to spend your online income. Which one would you do?