We all know that one of the biggest secrets to finding success with online ad campaigns on social networks is split testing! We also know that one of the most frustration aspects of creating ad copies for social networks is having to continually open and manually edit images one at a time with your favorite graphic editing software.

There is a new service out there called FB Ads Tools that makes the process extremely simple and nearly 100% automated! Just think about the last time you were creating different image variations of you 110×80 Facebook Ads images and how much time it took, then you found out that have of the new image designs performed horribly anyway.

Creating a Ton of Unique Ad Copies in Seconds!

The best way to understand the power of FB Ads Toolbox and what it can do for you, is to see a working example. I just signed into my account and grabbed a quick image of the ZacJohnson.com toon logo. Once you select an image, FBATB will allow you to select the sizing of the image so it matches up with those of FB Ads.

You can see a preview of the many images that I am now provided with. The first image on the top left is the original, then the rest are creative versions that I can start running and see which pull the best conversions and click through rates. All of this in a matter of seconds!

The Importance of Split Testing with Facebook Ads

If you’ve ever run your own Facebook Ads or Plenty of Fish ads campaign, you will appreciate the value of creating and uploading an image that pulls a killer click through rate. I previously wrote a post on the importance of split testing with Facebook Ads, and it’s a must read for anyone who is using Facebook or POF for advertising.

No matter what industry you are targeting, getting a high click through rate on your ad images is of extreme importance and greatly affects the amount you are going to have to pay per click. The higher your click through rate, the less you have to pay per click. An offer that gets a 1% click through rate might have to pay .50 per click, but if you have a 2% click through rate, you may end up only paying .25 per click. It’s all a numbers game and one you must play to make winning ad campaigns.

The Cost and Setup of FB Ads Toolbox

Back to FB Ads Toolbox… the service is simply awesome and a complete time saver for anyone who is using Facebook Ads or POF. The cost is only $4.95 a month, and it’s well worth the price considering the amount of time it takes just to make a few ad copy variations.

Learn more about FB Ads Toolbox and how it can save time for you!

This post was written by Zac Johnson

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