Time is money, friend.

Donning the hat of an affiliate marketer means you’re in a constant struggle with the dwindling amount of workable hours. Not only are you trying to operate your business but there’s an inherent set of daily activities that need to reach completion whether it’s keeping up with the latest industry news or reaching out to your community on social networks. Time is limited and each passing day adds a variety of tasks which prevents you from completing many of your goals.

What if I told you that implementing ideas when you’re strapped on time doesn’t need to take on a new level of difficulty and strain? Would you be willing to entertain the idea if it meant you could get more out the door?

In this guide, you’ll learn some silly, stupid “hacks” and tricks that allow you to squeeze out every last minute of the day in order to get more done. They’re easy but effective.

Seek aid from your network and community members

The connections you’ve been making the moment you started your affiliate marketing business are about to pay off.

Crowdsourcing is a hot new term hitting the social waves. If you’re unfamiliar it’s not an entirely new, radical idea – it’s just opening your work, to others, where participants can add their expertise and the final result would, hopefully, deliver a product.

To get help – just ask for it!

Plenty of people within your community are more than willing to aid in your projects especially if it allows them to work on bigger and better projects. Generally, people may want a bit of attribution to the project (which you should give, no doubt) but many are just happy to lend their help especially if you’ve deliver great information and resources in the past.

Need a few examples of community-driven projects?

  • Allow readers to submit questions and do the answers as content
  • Ask for their top tips for a subject, compile the responses, and use it as content
  • Adopt a community manager to handle your forums or commenting
  • Barter some of your skills for that of others (design, development, editing, you name it)

Remember this: every successful entrepreneur, in some way or another, had help.

You don’t need to go at it on your own. You built those contacts – now tap into ‘em!

Try a different content media

Have you considered the fact that writing may not be your best method of content production?

Writing takes up a lot of time – especially if you aim to create a new piece for each day. It’s easy to consume five to ten hours writing content for your affiliate website (not to mention the act of editing and publication). But even this number is figurative because many website owners take far longer to produce written content due to time constraints and writing ability.

Instead …

Consider using an alternate media for your content needs.

Video is a form of content that’s easy to shoot, edit, and product. You most likely have all the needed items to get started with the format if you have a smartphone with an HD camera. Editing software and tools can be readily found online. Tapping into YouTube will become a great source of traffic. In all, you can shoot short videos, on the fly, and have content primed for your website in half the time it would take to write out your ideas and thoughts.

Audio is another to consider. A $100 investment into a decent microphone is enough to bring your podcast up to near studio quality. Invite guests onto the program and you can easily fill out an entire show just asking an occasional question and allowing the guest to do the talking.

Other media formats you may want to explore include doing slideshows, animated features, comic strips, interactive games, or photographs. You’re in no way limited to writing; you may find a different media to be the perfect match for your message, traffic needs, and schedule!

Figure your schedule and do small chunks at a time

We all have BIG projects and even BIGGER goals.

Unfortunately, we only have a LITTLE amount of time to see these projects to completion.

We have our daily routine of maintenance (which certainly takes up a boatload of time), commenting, updating our social profiles, producing new content, networking, research, and development – gah! – the list goes on and on.

Over time, our projects are discarded, new ones added at a moment’s notice, and all of it becomes an epic burden because we’re trying to do so much at any given time.

A recent study confirms what we sort of knew all along: we’re not good at multitasking.

Our time should go toward just one item at a time – our full attention.

However, what do you do when you have such a large project that isn’t exactly just one task?

You break it all down.

Effective time management comes from your ability to divide a large task into smaller, manageable pieces. Then, you place your full attention on that one task (versus bouncing between them all). By doing this method you are completing your larger goals without the stress that comes from feeling you’re wasting time (mainly in part that you can’t see results when you’re only doing a massive project).

So next time you’re working on a project: find one item you wish to accomplish, devote your full effort and time into its completion, and knock it off the list. It all adds up.

Keeping it simple, but not so stupid

The title may have been a tad sensational when it came to describing the techniques for implementing ideas but one thing the post is not, is irrational and stupid. The ideas presented in this work will be some form of strategy in your affiliate business activities whether it’s in the coming months or many years down the line, simply because everyone will hit a wall in their productivity and resources.

When you’re strapped on time – turn back to this post and you’ll keep chugging along without a hitch; those hurdles to keep a constant pace in your marketing strategy will be a thing of the past but try not to rely too heavily on these techniques because they can be quite addictive.

What are your strategies for rolling out ideas when there’s a lack of time? Share your thoughts and comments, below.