Subreddits, the custom-made forums by users, are the main staple of Reddit.

Browsing through the front page and you can see the more popular ones such as /r/gaming, /r/worldnews, /r/gadgets, and more, but Reddit isn’t just about the main subreddits; the real draw comes from the fact that you can find a subreddit on just about any topic or interest you could imagine.

What some users have done is create subreddits for their businesses and so I thought it would be a good time to talk about the how, what, and why you should do the same.

Let’s start with the why

Essentially: it allows you to have a forum for your business without hosting it yourself.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter the users are able to use the voting system which is great for business because it brings the biggest topics of discussion (or concerns) to the forefront rather than being lost in the comments or retweets you’d find on FB or Twitter.

Driving individuals to your subreddit would allow you to respond to questions, comments, and feedback that the community decides to be most important. Doing so reduces the amount of time involved with customer service and ultimately improves satisfaction since you’re handling the items that truly matter.

Now let’s explain the how

It’s all rather quite simple.

1. Head on over to Reddit

2. Create your account

3. Choose ‘Create a Subreddit’ on the sidebar

4. Fill in all the details

As you can see there are a lot of options. You can continually edit most of these settings and options as you continue to learn the platform so don’t feel bad if things are a little “off” in the beginning.

And what is all this about?

You can surely use social platforms like Facebook or Twitter to funnel people into discussion but Reddit is its own beast that attracts a different set of people.

The fact that it’s easy to create and can a great job at attracting your audience is enough to warrant at least trying to make one for your business. I can’t say that it will be a major player in customer service or driving sales but it’s still worth your while to give it a shot.

The important thing to note is that once you’ve created one you really do need to make the investment. You need to be there to participate and moderate otherwise it will quickly go to hell.


What’s stopping you from creating a subreddit for your business?