What’s the biggest setback in selling diet aids, weight loss pills or even weight loss plans and programs? Surprisingly, not price. It’s the truth factor – will these products actually work? Most seem way too good to be true, and on top of that, most of the before and after pictures are painfully obvious that it is not the same person. But, does that mean these products don’t work? No, and it also doesn’t mean you shouldn’t or can’t sell these products through an affiliate program. In fact, you can run an extremely successful marketing campaign for health products, diet pills and weight loss programs if you just keep it real.

Tested and Approved
Most affiliates promote products they have either used, know something about or are interested in. After all, it’s much easier to sell a product you can stand behind. The same is true for health products. Start by contacting e-commerce sites that sell products you have used in the past. Maybe it’s a weight loss pill you’ve taken or a diet book you’ve read. Or, if there’s a product you’re interested in trying in order to sell it, contact the company. They may be willing to send you some samples. You can also talk to friends and family about their experiences with the health products you’re considering promoting.

Quick and Easy Marketing Techniques
As you know, when you become an affiliate, the company with whom you are affiliated generally sends product images, links and banners to display on your site. You can display these items wherever you feel they will capture the most traffic. And, while a well-designed banner with catchy copy may be enough to raise interest and prompt a click, if you really want to be a successful affiliate, try the following additional techniques.

Blogs– These work especially well for diet plans and supplements. Simply write about your daily experiences either on the diet or using the weight loss pill and the results you’ve achieved. Consider it an online weight loss journal. Throughout the copy, insert any links to the product. Include in your blog any struggles you had with staying on the diet and how you worked around those, exercise tips and recipes, etc. The goal is to avoid making it sound like sales copy.

– Create a separate page for testimonials for the product. Talk to people you know who have used the product and ask for a quote or ask your affiliate for quality testimonials. Another way to find willing participants is by visiting the gym or hanging out at the health food store. Most people that have found a weight-loss technique that works for them love to share their stories. If you’re one of the success stories, why not include a before and after shot on your page? Yes, this takes a bit of guts, but you’ll be surprised by the response you’ll receive.

RSS Feed– Depending on the type of site you run, you may want to set up an RSS feed that picks up health, weight-loss and exercise-related news items. This will not only add to the SEO of your site, but will also add to the legitimacy of your site.

Give them Extras – In addition to requesting testimonials and samples from the company with which you are affiliated, ask if they have nutritional, diet or nutritional tips they can provide you to post on your site. For example, you could add to your site a collection of quick and easy recipes. Work this information into your blog or set up a microsite for the product. Some companies will even send you their newsletters that you can glean ideas from.

When it comes to selling a product in the health and fitness field, the real key is practical advice and candor. Everyone wants a miracle pill, but most don’t really expect it. They’ll just settle for something that fits into their lifestyle.