SummerEveryone who’s new to the affiliate marketing game can follow one of two main paths (or both at the same time):

  • Focus on an evergreen niche that has an equal level of popularity all throughout the year.
  • Focus on seasonal niches and aim your promotions to take place during specific seasons of the year.

The topic of this article, as you can see, is the latter. Seasonal niches are great for one main reason – when the time comes everyone and their brother gets ultra-interested in a given topic and needs/wants a solution right away. This is a great opportunity for an affiliate to launch a campaign of some kind and make a healthy profit.

Since we’re talking summer 2012 there are a handful of niches that work really well in the summertime. Just to name a few:

  • Losing weight and all kinds of diets and fitness programs. People simply want to look good when the summer comes, and they want to be able to wear a swimsuit at the beach.
  • Gaining muscle and getting ripped. This one is targeted more towards men, but the principle is the same – looking good in the summertime.
  • All beauty and health affiliate programs. Things like cosmetics, diet supplements, cheap diet and beauty pills, skin products, and so on.
  • Vacation and travel deals. It’s usually around March or April when people start to make some plans for the summer … looking for interesting places to go, searching for discounted deals, and things like that. If you tap into this market early you have a good chance of being the first one providing some interesting offers.
  • Fashion. This is a niche/market that has four main periods of interest in any given year. Whoever wants to wear something trendy this summer will start looking for nice clothes really soon. As a matter of fact, big fashion houses release their collections pretty early every year, being up-to-date with what’s going on can pay off big.

What follows is a list of products (all based at ShareASale) a beginner affiliate should consider promoting if they want to join the seasonal game in affiliate marketing.

Diet Direct, Inc.

Diet Direct is an online store selling a wide range of diet products like: protein diet foods, diet pills, vitamins, diet snack bars, shakes, fruit drinks, hot drinks, and others. What differs their products from ones on offer in other stores is that they all look kind of attractive, something that is not a common thing in the diet niche.

This, and the fact that people are more than motivated to lose some weight for the summer should be more than enough to get you some worthwhile sales.

The affiliate program offers 20% commissions, which is a really good rate for physical products. Apart form that, you can get some affiliate tools, among which you’ll find pre-made product feeds, which allow you to display a whole range of products directly on your site, making it a lot easier for your visitors to make a purchase.

Nutri-Health Supplements

This is an online store offering a selection of probiotics and dietary supplements (consisting of the purest natural ingredients) for everyone who wants to stay in shape or enhance their bodies.

The affiliate program offers 35% commissions. You also get banner ads to use, email copy, text ads, product information, and a subscription to the affiliate newsletter to find out the newest promotions and best methods of promoting Nutri-Health’s products.

NaturalWellbeing is yet another online store in the health niche, but this time it’s all about natural remedies, and holistic health supplies. Among others, here are some areas in which customers can find different products at NaturalWellbeing: adaptogens, allergies, anxiety, athlete’s foot, bone health, cholesterol, energy and fatigue, hyperactivity, infections, pain, sexual health, vitamins, weight management, and more.

The affiliate program offers 18% commissions on all sales, and the average order is said to be at around $80, with 8.4% average sales conversions on targeted traffic. As an affiliate you also get access to a dedicated website containing some affiliate resources and to a dedicated affiliate program management.

Trip Alertz, Inc

Now it’s time to enter the travel niche. Trip Alertz is a site providing online distribution of hotels and resorts. They use a global network of group buying sites and their own affiliate relationships to create their offers. People love deals especially when the summer is near. This might be just enough of a reason for your visitors to take action, especially if you promote certain offers straight on your own site.

The affiliate program offers 5% commissions, which is not much, but you have to remember that pricetags in the travel niche are not exactly what you call small. So if you manage to get good conversions then promoting this kind of products might be very profitable. As a member of the program you get access to a variety of graphics, banner ads, flash ads, specific deal ads, and text links. There’s even an API to display specific offers straight on your site.

Swimwear For Me

Swimsuits have always been a constant element on everyone’s summer shopping list, so we simply can’t compile this list of affiliate programs for summer 2012 without a swimsuit store. Swimwear For Me has a lot to offer. Every woman is sure to find something that fits her there. Almost every size and type of swimsuits is available.

On the affiliate side, there are 12% commissions, an average order of $100, and increasing commission rates for top affiliates. You get a set of custom landing pages, text links, banner ads, and even coupons upon request.

If this list of five affiliate programs for summer 2012 is not enough for you we encourage you to pay a visit to Neverblue – one of the leading affiliate networks on the internet. You are sure to find many interesting summer offers there as well.

Do you plan on joining this summer craze that’s sure to happen pretty soon, or are you more of an evergreen-niche affiliate, who’s primarily aiming at niches that are popular all throughout the year?