If you’ve been doing affiliate marketing for any amount of time, you surely know that there are many shady products around … just waiting to be bought by people tricked by superb sales copy and amazing promises of profits.

Unfortunately, most of such products fail to deliver results and they end up being profitable for one person only – the merchant.

Super Affiliate Handbook is not one of these products.

If we were to mention just one characteristic of Rosalind Gardner – the author of the product – it would have to be transparency. There’s no mystery around Rosalind, and this is a great thing.

She’s been written about in magazines like: Secrets to Their Success, Small Business Opportunities, and Revenue. She speaks at conferences such as: Affiliate Summit, Affiliate Convention, Casino Affiliate Convention, PPC Classroom, and others.

And most importantly, she is a super affiliate, making thousands of dollars every month from her affiliate sites.

What’s Inside Super Affiliate Handbook

Super Affiliate Handbook is an e-book delivered as a PDF download. It consists of 200+ pages of content.

Rosalind starts by explaining what affiliate marketing is. This makes the product very newbie-friendly, so to speak. Even if you don’t have any experience marketing online, you will get basic info and tips on how to get started.

Most importantly, it gives real case studies of working affiliate sites, not only vague pieces of advice that you have to figure out on your own.

The e-book focuses on how to build your business without spending too much money. The whole process is divided into 5 actionable steps. Plus, there’s a nice description of 25 most common mistakes affiliates make (very revealing).

Of course, let’s not forget about the “marketing” part of affiliate marketing. Rosalind teaches various methods of promoting your affiliate sites online as well as off-line.

The e-book also talks about how to choose the best products to promote – something that’s often overlooked by other product authors. Plus, there’s a fair amount of advice on how to get all the technical stuff done.

Pros and Cons

We have to admit that the strongest point of this e-book is its comprehensive nature and range of topics that are talked about.

However, having more than 200 pages of content can be difficult to get through, as customers might feel that they need to read it all before they can take action.

Even though the product is targeted more towards beginners than advanced affiliates it can be a bit intimidating at first. But this is just an initial impression that should be gone after a moment.

In essence, getting all this for $27 is a bargain. Even if you don’t end up utilizing every bit of information provided by Rosalind, you will get a great value out of the product anyway.