Sunday, Feb. 2nd, at 6:30PM EST is a broadcast we’re all expecting: the Super Bowl.

This year it’s the Seattle Seahawks vs. the Denver Broncos.

Let me stop for a second and state that not everyone one of us really cares for football. But … it doesn’t mean we want to ignore it especially since there are a lot of little affiliate marketing opportunities to be had.

It’s Wednesday (at the time of this writing) which gives us just a few days before kickoff. This is plenty of time to get some last minute affiliate ideas into motion.

Here are some of them I had in mind that could work for your site (even if you’re no way close to the sports niche):

Live Blogging (with Rewards)

We’re all glued to our computers, smartphones, and tablets which means a good amount of people will access the Web while the game is going whether it’s to look at some of the ads they’ve just seen, Tweet their thoughts about the play, update their FB, or chat with friends/family.

Make it an Event

Invite your community to take part in a live blogging session during the game. Google Hangouts would be perfect for doing this in tandem with updating the blog. There are plenty of little ways to inject an affiliate offer into the event.

One way would to take frequent votes as to which team will score the next touchdown and whoever made the right decision get a discount on one of your products (or one that you affiliate).

There are many commercials during the Super Bowl which would give you a great time to talk about business. Alternatively you could make the commercials the focal point of the conversations and use it to segment into ideas and affiliate offers.

While at Parties

Whether you’re having one or going to friend’s/family/neighbors – a Super Bowl party is a staple for the big day and actually gives you a variety of ways to earn a few commissions.

Pitch the Skills

During the lead up to the game you’re likely to sit around and chat. You can use this time to update others on your business and its success. It’s likely they share some of the same passions which mean you could be the one that helps them get something started, too.

This form of income will be as I have explained with doing local meetups. You can use that time to earn commissions on building a website and helping them find tools for the site. In an hour, even with just one individual hopping on board, you could see a couple hundred extra bucks for the day (which was probably going to be just you lounging around, anyway).

A Story could Work

If the Super Bowl party has become somewhat of a tradition you still have time to account for some of these past fun times and angle it in a way where you promote party items.

Account the Fun

The BBQ is generally the center point of it all which gives you the chance to affiliate with a high ticket item. Other items you may want to promote is a larger TV, cooking supplies, lawn games, coolers, and the like.

Think of what you used at previous parties, and then write an account of those times while dropping in links to the items you used to make it a blast. You might also be able to affiliate with cable providers and their packages which give better access to the big game.