Sweepstakes are a very popular form of promotion among many online brands and retailers. And there’s a very good reason for this. Various stats indicate that sweepstakes are one of the biggest motivating factors for people to take part in a given promotion or to sign up for an email newsletter.

According to a Quris report by eMarketer, New York, among all the people who signed up for a given email marketing campaign, 41% made their decision due to the presence of sweepstakes or a chance to win something.

More than that, brands that use sweepstakes as a marketing and lead generation method are able to attract additional sales of their products. A study by Cooperative Data Products found that after entering sweepstakes 39% of people were more likely to buy a product.

What this all means for affiliates is that paying attention to some interesting sweepstakes offers can pay off, depending on the market and the niche you’re in. Therefore, here’s our roundup of quality sweepstakes affiliate programs you should consider promoting.

Sweepstakes Advantage

Sweepstakes Advantage is one of the most respected online sweepstakes sites around. Since its launch in 1997 the site is constantly operating till this day.

The affiliate program offers $0.55 commissions per lead, and there’s a 60-day cookie. You can also take advantage of some pre-made banners and text links.


FreebieKing.com provides a very simple user experience, depending on the promotion running in a given moment visitors can win various freebies just by leaving their email address and subscribing to an email newsletter.

The affiliate program offers $0.50 commissions per lead, with a 30-day cookie. There are some landing pages and affiliate tools available.


SurveyNetworks allows users to enter sweepstakes in exchange for taking part in occasional questionnaires and surveys. Currently, there are more than 500,000 people working with SurveyNetworks’ surveys every month.

The affiliate program is based at Commission Junction, and it offers $1.25 per user signup. There’s a basic pixel code tracking and a 45-day cookie. Every affiliate gets access to a range of banners, text links, and coupons.


BetUS is a well known online sportsbook, casino and racebook platform. The site also runs occasional sweepstakes, which you can promote through their standard affiliate program.

The commissions go up to 35% revenue share (net gaming profits). You get access to free promotional materials, live stats, and the payments are made monthly.

Win Gas

In times when gas is extremely expensive all sweepstakes that let people win free gas coupons tend to be very popular. The site is quite straightforward, the only thing a user has to do is fill out a form and enter the sweepstakes.

The affiliate program offers $0.60 commissions per lead, with a 30-day cookie. What’s also worth mentioning is the fact that every new affiliate gets approved automatically, so you can start working with the program almost immediately.

Some other sweepstakes affiliate programs you can consider signing up to: Win Free Cash, Hypersweep, NikkisFreebieJeebies, sweepstreet.com.