Take a swing at the best golf affiliate programs – affiliateprograms.comIf you’re looking for a sports and recreation niche to promote, you’ll want to consider golf.

According to the Golf Research Group, there are more than 32,000 courses worldwide, with more than 7,000 of those courses created in the past ten years.

Those courses breed a lot of golfers. More than 4.6 million individuals play golf on these courses at least 25 times per year and more than 57 million people worldwide define themselves as golfers.

When you look at it from Google’s perspective, you’ll also find a lot of interest in golf. There are more than 68 million searches every month for the word “golf,” with low competition.

All of this adds up to a potentially great opportunity for affiliates. And when you think to add in the fact that golf appeals to middle- and high-wage earners, you have a recipe for affiliate marketing success.

The challenge is finding the right golf affiliate program for your golf website. In addition to being one of the most popular sports worldwide, it has also has significant appeal to individuals with above-average earnings and a significant amount of disposable income.

Regions to target

In 2005, Golf Digest reported that Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Canada, Wales, United States, Sweden, and England have the most golf courses per capita.

Apart from Sweden, all of these countries have English as the majority language. This means that your golf affiliate site could appeal to a global audience without the need of translation and multiple languages.

Take a swing at these affiliate programs

Now that you know what a great opportunity is out there, it’s time to find the right program for your site.

The Simple Golf Swing – This ebook and video product teaches golfers a repeatable and simple golf swing of power, accuracy and consistency. If your website is helping golfers solve problems, it’s a great fit. You’ll earn 75 percent commission through this ClickBank product.

RockbottomGolf – An online retailer of cheap golf deals. While the prices and selection are great, the interface of the website might scare off your customers looking for a trustworthy. Be sure to split test this merchant before implementing on your site. You’ll earn 7 percent through the Google Affiliate Network.

Kmart – This discount retailer offers more than 600 items, with most of them being low-price products. A few Kmart golf products would be a good complement to a high-end golf retailer. You’ll earn 4-6 percent through the Google Affiliate Network.

Golfsmith – If you’re looking for a golf superstore, this is the real deal. They have great content you can learn from (top ten lists and golf digest articles) to get ideas for your site’s content. There is a full range of products at all price points and international shipping. You’ll earn 6 percent (and more through performance bonuses) by signing up at Commission Junction.

No matter what the scope of your site or your target region, you’ll do well with one or more of these programs.

What’s been your experience with golf affiliate programs? Leave your thoughts in the comments.