Your email inbox.

It can fill up quite fast. Over time, if you’re not constantly monitoring, deleting, and responding to the emails you can feel overwhelmed to the point where you start ignoring them. Add in the fact that they’re very distracting if you leave it open in a tab – receiving constant notifications – and now you’re getting stressed about the whole thing.

The point of email was to communicate – not feel overwhelmed.

In this affiliate quick tip I’m going to share a very easy process of taming that wild email inbox.

The Email Taming Process

There are two options I would recommend when attempting to fix your email:

  • Start a fresh email address for the business
  • Manually work your way through them all and prioritize

Option A

The first, creating a new email, is the easiest since it’s fresh and not readily available to others. You can approach this by working with the domain provider and their services to create a domain name email.

This looks great to customers if you don’t already have one otherwise you can change one or two characters of your original and then populate the site and contact forms with this new email.

Option B

The second, prioritizing, is a little straighter forward:

Within the search area of your inbox type in “unsubscribe” or “manage account”. This will show all the emails you’ve opted in and easily show the links that you can use to unsubscribe from lists you no longer care or need.

Next – setup tabs and categorize your emails based on important criteria such as “business”, “personal”, and “promotional”. Gmail does this automatically but other email clients have the option. This will allow you to move forward with responding to the ones that matter.

Finally, set a time each day where you will respond to your emails. Keep it around the end of the day since you need to wake up productive (focusing on the big tasks). If you need, for those business emails, make the time but otherwise batch the responses when you’re all done with your tasks.


This may seem very basic but it’s something easy to forget once those emails start rolling in. Before long you have to wade through page after page of newsletters, spam, real emails, and promotions. If you get proactive and tame the email you’ll never have the headache and sense of feeling overwhelmed.

Plus – you can quickly get those emails out to community members ready to buy!