OKCupid is a free dating site so as you can expect they’re going to collect a lot of little details about you such as your age, location, and interests.

But I’m not here to talk about the site.

I want to show you something that I noticed with their recent email messages.

Take a look at this email:

Just after about 30 minutes into an afternoon shower an email came from OKCupid specifying that it was raining in the area using the email headline: [USER], It’s raining tonight in Tampa!

Already that was quite a surprise because I personally haven’t seen an email drop come through specifying the current weather condition so of course I had to look into it.

The email was perfect and to the point.

It has two computers (nice and subliminal about the whole online dating thing) getting caught in the rain and as for the copy …

Hey [USER],

We noticed it’s raining tonight in Tampa. Our statistics show that more people sign in when there is bad weather. It’s the perfect time to message that special someone!

Statistics, eh?

I’m pretty sure that one may have come out of thin air but in a lot of ways it makes sense because what else would you be doing when it’s storming outside and checking your email?

The CTA button was there in plain sight. That’s a done deal.

Side thought: Do they have someone sitting around waiting to push these emails out manually or something?

The Takeaway

I was really surprised to see something like this but it makes total sense if you have the right kind of data on your customers/subscribers.

We’ll need to pump our brakes because I highly doubt everyone is collecting location data for their normal newsletter you slapped up on your sidebar BUT if you have a customer list you do – from their order information during checkout.

You also have the opportunity through your Facebook and social advertising platforms.

What if you …

  • Created a set of ads based on weather conditions (such as a long, rainy day)
  • Waited until one of those days rolled around
  • Set the target location of the ad for those within that area code
  • Ran the ad as close to the weather then stopped the campaign when it was over

You could have just struck gold (depending on what you’re offering, of course).

But this is all speculation, of course, and just something I happened to have noticed out of the blue. I’m not sure if it would work at all but for some of you maybe it will. It couldn’t hurt to try, right?