Virtual assistants can take a great deal of stress off your shoulders when you’re too busy to finish your daily tasks; they are equally great when utilizing skills (which you may not possess) to explore new opportunities for your business which

The amount of time you would save when hiring a virtual assistant will allow you to conquer the important areas of your business such as sales, marketing, and customer service – the “big” wins.

Hiring a virtual assistant comes down to sourcing an individual that matches your required skill set and offers strict time management to ensure the job will be done. You can find virtual assistants all over the Web whether it’s through a marketplace like Elance or by finding personal portfolios.

Basically: if you have a task and you know how to explain it to others than you can leverage a virtual assistant to grow your business.

The following are twenty different tasks you could outsource to virtual assistants to save time, increase your branding, and grow your profits.

1. Set general guidelines and have the VA write blog posts for your website.

2. Duplicate those guidelines and use the VA to create guest posts for link building purposes.

3. Manage your social media accounts with frequent updates and responses to the community.

4. Write and send email newsletters to your list (even sales letters).

5. Submit and share your content on social bookmarking websites.

6. Have them participate in active forums to build credibility to your brand.

7. Collect data about the competition which can be used as leverage in the industry.

8. Answer customer support inquiries if you sell a product or provide a service.

9. Crunch data for your tasks and deliver the results through an easy-to-scan report.

10. Edit your content (posts, marketing campaigns, etc.).

11. Respond to website comments and feedback.

12. Record and edit videos to explore video marketing.

13. Convert content into slideshow presentations to leverage document sharing websites.

14. Keep track of your online reputation and respond to critics.

15. Conduct surveys and compile feedback to aid in your marketing campaigns.

16. Quantize your analytics data to generate new ideas for content.

17. Create and edit graphics for your advertising campaigns or Website content.

18. Manage the website, campaigns, and support when you’re off on vacation.

19. Handle your email inbox.

20. Track expenses and manage the business accounting.

Entrepreneurs and many business owners get trapped in the mindset that they have to have their hands on every element of the business. Eventually, these individuals become obsessive about every action because they need to be the ones in control. The unfortunate side effect to individuals that micro manage is that the bigger tasks never seem to reach completion; it causes project creep.

Delegating tasks to a virtual assistant may feel frightening at first because you may feel out of control but you can rest assured the job will get done as long as you’re providing clear instructions. Time saved from doing every piece of work will allow you to tackle the bigger hurdles – it all gets done but you’re not the one wasting your time on repetitive tasks.

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