Technology is amazing.

In just a few short years, phones are now comparable to computers, the Web has given us a billion ideas, cars have built in GPS, it’s getting easier, faster, larger but it’s simply a means to an end.

It’s easy to be wrapped up in technology when you run your own business.

You could be caught up in the latest WordPress plug-ins, new shopping cart design, platforms to sell your products and ideas – technology, although you may not know it, has become a trap.

Allow me to tell you a story

When I first came online, many, many years ago back when AOL would carpet bomb your mailbox with those discs (which inadvertently became excellent coasters), the internet was fresh, it provided a new platform with infinite possibilities.

Fast forward years later and I began my quest to learn how to make money online – I knew I wanted my own business, I knew the Internet was what could help me achieve this goal.

But I was wrong.

I was too caught up in the latest trends, I spent hours trying to learn a new technology but all the while, my goals for my business began to wane. I was addicted, I couldn’t implement my ideas because technology created a barrier simply because the information overload.

I fell into the technological trap.

Luckily I got out of it by identifying the issue and that’s what this next part is about …

Why is technology a trap?

Every business, in order to be great, needs to have their own story.

In the end, nobody cares about how many words you wrote in the post, the widgets that come with the product, the cool hover feature on your website – they care about the story, the care about a brand which they can share with others.

When people launch their web browser, they don’t immediately think “oh yeah, that one ecommerce site had an awesome login system!”, but they do remember “that contest was really fun yesterday, I wonder what they’ll do today!”.

Consider this:

  • Does the technology drive business? No.
  • Is it the expansive, high-tech phone system? No.
  • Did the Adwords campaign return a positive result upon the targetted user? Who cares.

Techno-babble. All of it.

Frankly, as a web user, it’s annoying and I really don’t care. I’m sure you could agree.

How to avoid being trapped

There are thousands of ugly websites and businesses that continually do great.

But, but, I thought design was essential to engage people? Not necessarily.

I blasted out an email campaign but only a few people responded. People don’t care.

These examples can go on and on, I think you get the point. You’re ready to avoid the trap.

Here’s what you do:

Three things, that’s all. Yup, three things are all you need to avoid the trap and become a success in the digital world.

Technology, as previously mentioned, is merely a means to an end. It’s a platform which allows you to reach passionate people but from there, it’s in your customers hands.

  • Stop pounding them with advertising
  • Stop telling them what they should think
  • Stop promoting a lame product
  • Stop abusing your customers

With every push to get into the heads of your customers, the more you push them away. People don’t want to be cornered into choice, it’s the reason why the use the Web – they want to do research, they want to find what they’re looking for, they want a story.

In the end – give them what they want, be a genuine individual, choose products that compliment and add value for your customers, and don’t get caught up with all the little details otherwise you’ll miss the opportunities to do great business.