Today we’re shifting away a bit from the standard affiliate niches and taking look into something a bit more mainstream – consumer electronics, HDMI, data, digital and computer cables, and other related equipment. All this and more, on offer at TechTent.

TechTent is in the market of providing all sorts of cables, cases, cable ties, computer peripherals, wires, and other related equipment that professional installers, as well as tech-savvy consumers can use.

TechTent runs their in-house affiliate program and they’ve been doing it for a number of years now.

Commissions Paid

The standard commission is 10%. However, there are occasional promotions going on that offer an additional 2%, making it a total of 12%.


As mentioned above, TechTent lets you promote latest electronic equipment accessories.

Also worth mentioning is that TechTent offers their products to qualified businesses and resellers only, not the general public – there’s no classic “buy button” on the website, and you need to be a registered dealer to make a purchase.

Customer Support

Every customer/dealer can get support via TechTent’s website. There’s also a Frequently Asked Questions section, and a lot of information on company’s policies regarding returns, shipping, privacy, and security.


There’s a really wide range of products TechTent has to offer. Available categories of merchandise are: Apple® accessories, audio cables, bags & cases, cable ties, cleaning & care equipment, coaxial cables, computer peripherals, display port adapters, DVI cables & adapters, Ethernet cables, flat panel TV mounts, HDMI cables, headphones & earbuds, irrigation wire, keystone jacks, patch panels, power supply cords, RCA cables, structured cabling, telephone cords, USB cables & adapters, VGA cables & adapters, and wall plates.

The Good

One thing that’s surely working in favor of TechTent is their target and niche. Although there are many retailers offering consumer electronics and accessories, not everyone is targeting other businesses and resellers.

What follows is that a reseller can get a lot better deal at TechTent than they would anywhere else, so reaching those people can be very profitable for affiliates, considering the high commission rates.

The Bad

The fact that TechTent is targeting other businesses and resellers can also be one of the main problems. You can’t promote anything to the general public, which means that you need to take a much more personal angle with your work as an affiliate.

Just standard AdWords ads won’t probably make you profitable this time. In most cases, you’ll have to reach out to customers/dealers individually.

One more thing is that TechTent doesn’t actually share any relevant data with their affiliates prior to signing up, so you can’t really do any sniffing around before you make a move.

The Bottom Line

We’d advise joining this program only if you already have an idea on how you’re going to reach a good target audience and what marketing methods you’re going to use.

Starting from scratch on this thing can be very difficult, especially if you’re a beginner. In such a case, you’re probably better off joining a network like Commission Junction and trying your luck there.