Whether you’re an affiliate promoting offers, ecommerce site selling products, or a freelancer landing a client – you must take the time to follow-up with whoever decided to take a chance with you.

That first sale is an incredible feeling and affirmation that you’re on your way to do big things in your industry. However, don’t let the buzz around this sale stop you from learning all that you can about how and why someone went through you for their needs.

The follow-up will reveal much of what you’ll need to know to repeat this small win over and over again.

In this article, we’ll share what you should ask and a template for getting in touch so you can truly become a shining star in your industry.

The Important Tid-Bits of the Follow-Up

You’ve got to go into the follow-up with the intention of picking the brain of whoever purchased through your link, bought the product from your store, or got in touch for a service.

Some of these important questions you’ll want answered may include:

  • How did you find my website?
  • Why did you decide on purchasing the item?
  • What convictions did you have prior to the purchase?
  • What intentions do you have about using the product?
  • Would you buy from me again?

Obviously, rework these questions based on your industry, community, and business model but, in all, they basically stand the same. You’re simply trying to get as much info from the person so you can make logical decisions on your marketing plan for future endeavors.

A Simple Email Template for Getting In Touch

Privacy is a touchy subject so it’s important to understand if you’re allowed to get in touch with someone who bought through your offer, site, or service. Then, get in touch through email since going over the phone or a direct message may be too intrusive for that first contact.

Here is a bare-essentials email you can use when getting in touch:


My name is [Name] and I am the owner of [Website].

I noticed that you had purchased [Product] through my website and would like to thank you and let you know that you can contact me at any time if you need any questions answered about [Product].

With your permission, I’d love to hear what you have to say about my website and the [Product] because it’s my mission to bring the very best to my community. Please get in touch with me at your leisure.

Thanks, again, and all the best,


Rework it however you need but you should be able to understand the basics of what you’d send with this example. Keep is casual and light but let them know your intentions. People like to give feedback if you’re open to the idea because everyone has an opinion so go for it.

Condensing the Feedback for Future Success

If you received a response and got the answers to your questions than it’s a matter of doing another follow-up to thank the person for their patronage and then take that information and begin distilling it toward your upcoming work.

A spreadsheet, from here on out, will do you wonders for keeping track of sales and feedback but, for now, you can try to make sense of it all by asking yourself a few questions:

  • What can I do to increase my online presence from where the customer found me?
  • What other offers could I promote that go along with what’s already selling?
  • How could I integrate the offer into upcoming content to aid in support?

It’s very much like building a “best sellers” list on your website since you’re taking what’s actually being sold and then working your promotion and marketing around increasing the frequency of its purchase.

Learn everything you can based around the responses this first-timer as it will give you the motivation and momentum to keep at what you’re doing so it all becomes a regular occurrence from here on out.

What’s Stopping You?

Seriously. What prevents you from making this follow up if you have access to the customer’s information? Yes, some affiliate promotions won’t disclose the contact of who bought the offer but you can certainly put in methods to find out who did such as making mention of the sale on Facebook, to your email list, or on Twitter – someone may come out and own up to their purchase which gives you a direct shot at making that follow-up.

You’ve got to do this if you want to understand the how and why of the sale as it may very well be the guidance for your business form this point forward. What’s stopping you?