Affiliate Marketing Calendar 2018

We wanted to make an affiliate marketing calendar. So... we got to work and started playing around with Photoshop. We think we did a pretty nifty job with the marketing calendar we've got planned. Yes, planned. Throughout this year (2018) we'll add each new month to the affiliate marketing calendar....

Mom Blogs Make Money Online

How Popular Mom Blogs Make Money Online – And Yours Can Too!

Mom blogs make money online through a combination of high traffic paired with advertising, affiliate marketing, and sponsored content. They’re a big hit with the parenting community because they share interesting tips, recipes, lifestyle content, and helpful product suggestions. In fact – we think mom blogs are the perfect way...

Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

The Best Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

Bitcoin affiliate programs let you earn money without the expensive, risky investment into the cryptocurrency. These bitcoin affiliate programs are based on tools and resources miners and buyers want and need to grow their crypto wealth. The excitement for Bitcoin is full-speed ahead. In November 2017, bitcoin officially broke the...

International Affiliate Programs

Best International Affiliate Programs (and Global Marketing Strategy, Too)

International affiliate programs create a world of opportunity. Most traffic visiting is from the United States. That’s not a surprise because our site is in English and we’re situated in the States. We’re accessible anywhere but our general target market is located within our borders. Let this put things...


The Best Affiliate Networks for Beginners [2018]

The best affiliate networks provide great curation and selection... Affiliate networks are platforms to find affiliate programs. A network, like ShareASale, has thousands of vendors. While other networks may specialize in specific affiliate payment models. We mention curation for a reason. Creating an information and affiliate program is dead-simple. Unfortunately, there...

Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners [2018]

The Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners [2018]

The best affiliate programs are the ones providing ample offer selection and great payouts. There are thousands of affiliate programs across hundreds of categories. It’s overwhelming to those new to affiliate marketing asking, “where do I begin?”. We believe in the K.I.S.S. strategy: Keep. It. Simple. Stupid. … and no,...

Target Omnichannel Shoppers

How to Target Omnichannel Shoppers: Those Researching Online (but Buying In-Store)

We are omnichannel shoppers. The omnichannel shopping experience is doing online research then buying in-store. Though, it goes both ways (looking in-store then going home to buy online). This is a blessing and challenge for affiliate marketers promoting physical products. Our typical approach for promoting affiliate offers consists of: Reviews...

No Shave November Affiliate Programs

No Shave November Affiliate Programs and Movember Opportunities

Movember has made the slow shift to what a lot are now referring to as “No Shave November”. It’s that time of the year where men allow their mustaches to grow out to show solidarity and encourage fundraising for men’s issues. It got its start back in 2003 and has...


Price Point Strategy: Using Tiered Pricing to Boost Affiliate Earnings

Tiered pricing is a price point strategy that presents options for customers while boosting your chance to increase affiliate earnings. The price point strategy is used in almost every (smart) business. It goes like this: Low Medium High Alternatively, you’ll typically see it as “free”, “recommended”, and “premium”. Why do...

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Data

How-to Use Black Friday & Cyber Monday for Market Research

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two of the biggest shopping days of the year, provides a treasure trove of information to the affiliate marketer. These are the days which reveal both hot selling products and likely trends going into the new year. Using data collected from these two days can...