You want to know that “one secret” to higher affiliate earnings you keep hearing about?

The bonus offer.

This is the offer that comes after an individual has converted on an offer. It works because you already have the individual sitting there with their wallet out – already having paid for something. They have already made up their mind you are someone they trust (and they’re buying a product they want) so when they see the bonus offer they often jump at the opportunity because it will deliver added value.

This post will actually be a quick one because they are so easy to implement and manage.

Let’s get right to it…

The Basics of the Bonus Offer

Examples are easier at helping us understand these bonus offers so here are a few to get your brain going:

A. You could offer a freebie for your list and upon sign-up they are taken to a page which lists a valuable resource that coincides with what you are delivering to their email.

Example: An affiliate link to design software which compliments a design course.

B. Your bonus offer could be a product/service you create which compliments an up-coming or current product/service launch of someone within your network (or of high authority).

Example: Offering video marketing templates to a popular video marketing course.

C. You could create an if/else type email sequence which automatically delivers a bonus offer to someone that clicked through one of your affiliate links in a sales email.

Example: Person A took action, clicked on a product about losing weight, and then came back to an email which also had a link to you (or affiliated) product to help track the weight loss.

So the basics we are looking at are:

  • Complimentary to the original offer
  • Adds value to their original purchase
  • Extra sense of inclusion to the community or industry

The offer comes about after they have converted (as mentioned in the beginning) because they are psychologically primed to want more bang for their buck.

The bonus could be one you create or one you affiliate – the key is to make sure that its delivering value and that you don’t push it too hard like some may do where they have multiple bonus offers (which often causes frustration and sometimes anger in the individual).

Since this was meant to be a short guide to remind you (or introduce) you to the bonus offer I am going to hand it over to these next two posts that will explain them in greater detail:

You’d be surprised just how easy these offers can be created especially if you have already begun work (or launched) a product of your own. Spend an hour thinking like a customer in the sense of “what’s something extra I would buy if I purchased product/service X?”

Have you put bonus offers into effect in your work?