Business isn’t a one way faucet that pours money into your account.

A smart business owner is the one that will take their earnings and turn it around to make logical, proper investments to improve the quality of work and products that the business has to offer.

It’s very common to see affiliate marketers pocket every bit of cash they earn since many see it as a job rather than a startup. Unfortunately for them the market begins to dry up and they’re forced out of the industry because they don’t have the funds to evolve (let alone what happens when a source of income goes boom and the rent is due soon).

In this article, we’d like to share a variety of ideas for different areas of investment for your affiliate marketing business; your choice in these matters could be the best decision you’ll ever make for the longevity and success of your projects.

First: Start with YOU


No, it’s not just about dumping all of your earnings into a bank account – the real reinvestment starts with you. What we’re talking about is taking a logical approach to expanding your skills, knowledge, and potential by investing toward programs and educational resources to grow your understanding and experience with your interests and direction.

Consider a sample of the following for that reinvestment:

  • Information products to gain a better understanding of the strategies and techniques used within your industry.
  • Time for relaxation to rekindle your passion for business and come back fully charged to tackle the bigger obstacles.
  • Physical tools and gadgets that allow you to streamline your work, free your time, and remove barriers imposed by your current use of technology.

In essence: treat this investment as if you were going back to school; set aside funds to grow as a person and the rest of your business will do so along with you.

Second: Update that Site

Your affiliate website is the heart and center of your operations; it’s where you’re making the brunt of your conversions, connecting with your community, and building a long-lasting presence in your market.

In time, however, your website will need improvements:

  • Faster web hosting
  • A new design
  • Updated plugins or scripts

Keep a list of the items that need tuning while operating your website and then come back to it in a year-end review; invest part of your income toward making these much-needed improvements to your website to bring a better experience to your visitors and an increase on conversions for your business.

Third: Increase the Advertising


Don’t fear advertising in your affiliate marketing business as it’s one of the best investments toward rapidly growing your online presence, testing campaigns, and bypassing the restrictions you may face from stiff competition in search ranking.

Advertising should be just as integral to your business as the offer. Consider expanding your marketing reach by utilizing channels yet tapped. Test and track your campaigns to conduct logical assessments and tweaks to improve the effectiveness of the advertising.

Other areas of advertising you may want to consider include:

  • Paid guest posting on your behalf
  • Sponsored social signals
  • Local or mobile advertising

Advertising doesn’t end with PPC so give the other opportunities a run for their money.

Fourth: Hire some Talent

Not one successful entrepreneur became successful on their own. Sure, they may have been the front for the operation but there are always those that provide the encouragement, mentorship, and resources to get the job done.

If you’re making to even consider reinvesting in the business than your mind should immediately begin to explore what’s possible with the aid of other individuals.

Talent you may want to hire include:

  • Article writers
  • PPC managers
  • PR professionals
  • Editors
  • Salespeople

Yes, it means that you now have to undertake the task of managing others but this fresh face of talent, for your business, will bring new passion and opportunity to create dynamic growth in many areas you may have never had privilege due to your personal restrictions and ability.

Fifth: Expand its Reach


Of course, you could distill your knowledge and current success by venturing into horizontal or vertical markets depending on the time and effort you’re willing to commit.

  • To go horizontal: Set aside a budget to research, develop, and launch a new website in a related topic or area of expertise already present within your business.
  • To go vertical: Follow the same actions for development but use your expertise in promotion and marketing to explore a market that you deem profitable.

You could always go either which direction or even both; that money you’re putting back into the business will allow you to manage multiple ventures without neglect — you begun to build a network of websites/businesses within the market to take a larger share.

The 80/20 of Affiliate Investment

Don’t attempt to read through this work thinking that you’re dumping all of your earnings back into the business – you still need to get paid. Instead, take an 80/20 approach to business investment where you identify the best candidates for the investment and then utilize 20% of your budget to go toward those decisions; it won’t be a whole lot of money out of your pocket and it will certainly lead to a healthier growth and stability when operating in the industry.