Now obviously I can’t cover all the holidays that are happening during the latter part of the year so let’s consider the big four that everyone will go bonanza for: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s.

Each of these holidays seem to be getting bigger and bigger with each passing year. You’ll see retail rolling out promotions to the point they’re overlapping the holidays.

These big four are generally the easy money-makers.

What I wanted to do is put together a short post/guide on what you can promote and what you can do during this holiday season.


Halloween isn’t as popular as the others but can be a great time for promotion due to the amount of participation. Halloween is one of the holidays where people go “all out” in terms of decorating their yard and holding themed parties which is where you come in.

The big promotion during Halloween is generally costumes.

Costumes may be difficult to fit into your promotions but one could always start a campaign in which users are asked of their Halloween party/event plans which gives a great opportunity to link costume affiliated websites.

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Remember that Thanksgiving is a time that everyone is getting together to have food and fun times. It’s not a big gift giving holiday but there is money to be made from promoting items around cooking. Of course there are also decorations but the majority will come from the outdoor activities (and even electronics since it’s a big time for sports like football).

The name of the game is BBQ.

This is a time when a lot of families get together to cook outdoors. Grills and other BBQ related items are great for promotion because they have an excellent range of pricing. You can catch people trying to go simple and make a few bucks or find someone ready to go for the high-end and earn a few hundred.

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Ah Christmas. Each year it’s getting bigger and bigger. The thing about Christmas promotion is that you can essentially push anything can make a profit (especially if doing so through Amazon Associates).

What to promote? Anything and everything.

There’s no doubt you can promote something in your niche around this holiday. You can make tons of lists, reviews, and suggestions to your followers. People are in a giving mood so as long as it’s something worthwhile you will surely see a sale.


New Year’s

New Year’s is a little different in the sense that people are generally going out to have fun. However, there are a lot of people that are staying in so you still have the BBQ/party factor going on which means it’s another time to push a variety of products related to the New Year.

Your best bet is party supplies.

Other items worth promoting are those related to New Year’s resolutions which are always direct at weight loss and finances. Focus on those (which fit any niche or social feed) and earning coin off this holiday shouldn’t be a problem.

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