The other day I had talked about the difference between the logical and emotional mindset of prospects and leads. The work talked about how targeting emotional individuals presents an easier path to promote and convert on affiliated products.

Today I want to turn the tables and look at the logical side of the buying mindset.

These are individuals that are willing to make a purchase but simply need additional nurturing. However, even though you may spend the extra time nurturing you will often find yourself dealing with an individual that may purchase bigger & better items (that come at a premium) which nets you better commissions.

Let’s start off with an example.

I want to purchase a new computer…

  • The emotional individual are often the type that will take suggestions from advertising, word-of-mouth, and experiences when they are in retail stores. The computers may not be top-of-the-line but because of a brand (like Apple) they are likely to make the purchase because of all the emotional ties they have with the product and influences from their close sources.
  • The logical individual will bounce around various tech websites, reading reviews, comparing specs, learning about performance, and the like. The brand, in this regard, isn’t as important because what they’re doing is looking under the hood to get right performance for their needs along with a great deal.

So how do you go about targeting these type of logical individuals?

  • Write (or record) in-depth reviews bout various models that are currently in competition while outlining specs, performance, ease-of-use, warranty, and design.
  • Offer performance test using the type of software your audience may be using whether it’s graphic performance tests for gaming or computation power for those number crunchers.
  • Include a great number of images that show every angle of the computer as if they are able to mentally hold it with them and get a feel for the design.

The point is to get technical in approach because these are the areas the logical individual wants to research before making their decision.

It’s also worth noting that pushing the long-term value through such bullet points like battery life, return on investment, and upgradability become a great way to ease in the conversion.

So if I were you and my audience comprised of the logical types I would:

  • Rely heavily on reviews and performance tests
  • Create topics around using the item/service while peppering it with suggestions for products that could do it proficiently
  • Invite industry professionals to create editorial pieces about their experience when using a specific product and how it has affected their productivity

Treat the site as a go-to location for serious inquiries. Work less around using emotional terms & tone on the site in place of ones which sound professional and very informed. To capture these individuals you must be seen as an expert in the field, provide them with an easy access for research, and promote products that are truly worth the investment.

Image by ManicMorFF