I’m all for easy methods to earn with affiliate marketing.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t put in the serious time on bigger projects …

… but it is occasionally nice to work on something at random to keep things fresh.

The “quick win” scenarios, like the one I’m about to describe, do wonders to keep your spirits up and reinvigorate your passion for business.

I like to call this one …


The “room check”

Within a 180 degree scan of my current setting I see the following:

  • Printer and office supplies
  • Home phone
  • Under-the-desk exercise bike
  • Guitar and amp
  • Laptop and TV (being used as a monitor)
  • Electronic cigarette
  • Cell phone
  • Craft items stored in a closet
  • Flip flops

These are all items I’ve purchased. They came from a store. Millions of others are going to these stores to purchase these very same items.

I call this the “room check” because it can give you an affiliate offer idea in a minute.

Go ahead and do the same for your room – scan from left to right – what do you see?


Let’s do a quick look

Let’s say I have a few extra hours of my time to build an affiliate campaign for one of these items.

I’ll choose the mini exercise bike.

I would most likely set up a campaign/project around using Amazon Associates affiliate program.

Desk Bike Affiliate Product Example

Later on, I might take a look at what’s offered on affiliate networks if I want to really step it up in terms of weight loss, health, and nutrition.

But…for now:

The focus would probably something like “Exercise for Office Workers” or something along those lines.

Apparently, this is quite a hot topic and it makes good sense.

We have a whole ton of individuals going into the office which remain sedentary for most of the day. They’re concerned about their health so they figure there must be ways to get a bit of exercise in during the work hours.

Note: I’m just going on gut instinct but you should always validate your ideas.


This is where things branch out

The mini desk bikes are good and all for a niche site but we can do a lot more if we put in extra time and effort.

You can figure that people might want to try other equipment, follow guides, and perhaps change their diet that would fit the office lifestyle.

They may not be going all crazy P90X, here, but they’re putting in some effort.

On the site I would cover the following:

  • Office Exercise Equipment
  • Office Exercise Routines
  • Office Equipment Reviews
  • Office Health & Wellness

The ways I’d earn would be through:

All this is coming off the top of my head as I’m writing this.


If I were to sit down for an hour or two to really look into pursuing this niche I’m sure there are many, many opportunities to be had.


Now you do it

Look around you.

  • What’s something you bought, that has value, yet after doing a Google search you do not see a lot of specific information (or a website) dedicated to the item or its category?
  • Is this item something you feel comfortable talking about in excess? Could you pump out a dozen posts, a buyer’s guide, and keep up with the community?
  • What else is selling on Amazon and other affiliate marketplaces? What could you pair with the main item to increase commissions? How could you use these related items to expand your niche site into a full-fledged authority domain?

You can do this activity in an afternoon.

With experience, you could even have the site up and running along with some content by the end of the day.

If things start to pick up and you see some income roll in then you know you’re on the right track.

From there you could test out one of the other items you observed and wrote on your list. Or you could step it up and put a lot more effort into the existing site. It’s up to you on how you’ll use your time and resources.

Either way – I think doing a “room check” is definitely worth it if you seek ideas for an easy affiliate income.

All the pieces of the puzzle are already there … you just need to put them in order.