The weather is starting to heat up and although there is some time before the official start of summer we can start making moves to earn some healthy commissions as an affiliate targeting those activities one is likely to do during the season.

From going to the beach to having BBQ’s, playing lawn games, going to shows, and traveling around you can bet people are excited for summer. People will be taking breaks from work to have additional time for the weekends. Family and friends will be making plans. It’s a time where people can unwind and spend some of the money they’ve been saving for the summer season.

In the short series this week we’re going to examine five regular activities people are bound to do during the summer-time and how you could position yourself as an affiliate to earn commissions.

Let’s have a BBQ!

Nothing is more traditional than hosting (or attending) a BBQ even with friends, families, and sometimes out in public spaces. There is a visceral feeling on gains when they command the grilling station, cooking up great food, having a few brews, and taking in all the sights and sounds.

I like starting the chunk of this post about what you could be doing with a niche site on this topic:

  • You could upload and share killer recipes you’ve developed or found around the Web
  • You could do break-downs of the best seasonings, charcoal, gas, and all else that goes into grilling
  • You could use it to host and promote local BBQ events
  • You could create a series of content focusing on a major BBQ player in the area (like a food show)
  • You could offer all kinds of suggestions for grilling items and those that compliment the activity

Let’s say you’re well known around the neighborhood for your ribs. On your niche site you could make that a staple by sharing your secrets, having others take up grilling challenges, and hold events for your community to come out and try the best.

What makes BBQing such a fun way to make affiliate commissions is that you will be talking about products and methods which allows you to refer them back to your website all-the-while having great fun and having great food.

As far as the physical items go (if you wanted to use them in reviews or a shopping portal) – I’d say:

  • Grills
  • Charcoal
  • Propane options
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Plating and food containers
  • Recipe books and videos
  • Fun items like radios, cooking attire, or proper hat for BBQing

Think about the last time you went to a big BBQ and you’ll immediately pick up on many items that go perfect with this specific niche for summer time.

A major part of the tone and direction of the marketing you’ll put behind doing promotion with these items going to be very sensual in a way. Describe the taste they remember the last time they had a great BBQ. Describe how fun it can be around friends, family, and neighbors. Talk about the sounds and the sights (blasting the radio or watching the game). The emotional part of the product is what’s going to help you sell them as an affiliate.

As I had mentioned – Amazon Associates is a great place to get started with selling these type of items since people are likely to browse and find other items to purchase (earning you additional commissions). Slap together a summer-time site dedicated to BBQing and you’ll be seeing those commissions come rolling in not just this year but every year after since people generally have the same ideas and wants for the following summer.

Everyone loves a good BBQ. With so many items to promote, food to recommend, activities to do, and days off for people to enjoy themselves the BBQ niche is perfect for those that already love the activity – just port your love for it into a site to help others (and promote products). The great part about promoting in the BBQ niche is that you can pair it with many others you can find on this list.


Image by Alvimann