The weather is starting to heat up and although there is some time before the official start of summer we can start making moves to earn some healthy commissions as an affiliate targeting those activities one is likely to do during the season.

From going to the beach to having BBQ’s, playing lawn games, going to shows, and traveling around you can bet people are excited for summer. People will be taking breaks from work to have additional time for the weekends. Family and friends will be making plans. It’s a time where people can unwind and spend some of the money they’ve been saving for the summer season.

In the short series this week we’re going to examine five regular activities people are bound to do during the summer-time and how you could position yourself as an affiliate to earn commissions.

Let’s play some Games!

What goes along with any great outdoor event like watching the game, having a BBQ, throwing a pool party, and the like? Games!

It’s great and all to sit around, have food, and chat with friends, family, and neighbors, but every once in a while you want to get competitive and have some extra fun and this is where lawn games come into play for this summer season.

Like before you would want to work on building a niche site around these items:

  • You could have a shopping portal for each of the main games you like to cover
  • You could review games and categorize them by skill and overall enjoy ability
  • You could record videos and show how the games are played
  • You could create a community event for your neighborhood along with prizes for the winners
  • You could tell the history of the games and show off big tournaments of past

The content is going to feed the product to the people; if they’re reading about a fun game, get to see how it’s played, and there’s an emotional connection (the idea they and their friends, family, or neighbors could get into it) then you’re going in the right direction.

Now, lawn games are relatively inexpensive so the commissions aren’t too amazing but where you can really make that money is by trying to convince people to purchase multiple ones so that they have a wide selection for their party.

Some of the games you may want to promote include:

  • Darts
  • Lawn bowling
  • Cornhole
  • Anything sports related
  • Horse shoes
  • Croquet
  • Lawn darts
  • Ladder golf

Games are one of those no-brainer type purchases if you’re out in the backyard or going to the park, frequently, during the summer season. It gives people an extra option of fun so if you can convey that through your site then you’re bound to have people clicking through your affiliate link.

Focusing on this niche also opens a lot of opportunity for offline promotion. If you were to have an event for your community you could point people to the website where they could buy through your affiliate links. Then you could also record videos, take photos, and other media which can fill in content, provide testimonials and extra reviews, and really make the site seem like a happy place.

There are dozens of great games to be played outdoors. Lawn games, in particular, go well with family/friend events such as BBQ’s. There is another neat element to promoting this niche and that’s through DIY. You could promote build-plans, materials, and workshops around the area which will really get them committed to the games. In all, it’s a fun niche to give a try that do have considerable commissions if you approach it at the right angle.

Image by Jusben