The weather is starting to heat up and although there is some time before the official start of summer we can start making moves to earn some healthy commissions as an affiliate targeting those activities one is likely to do during the season.

From going to the beach to having BBQ’s, playing lawn games, going to shows, and traveling around you can bet people are excited for summer. People will be taking breaks from work to have additional time for the weekends. Family and friends will be making plans. It’s a time where people can unwind and spend some of the money they’ve been saving for the summer season.

In the short series this week we’re going to examine five regular activities people are bound to do during the summer-time and how you could position yourself as an affiliate to earn commissions.

Let’s go on a Trip!

We all want out and summer is the best time to do it because, at least where I’m from, it gets unbearably hot and the last thing I want to do is be stuck inside braving the heat for all those months.

Trips you promote can be short or wide; you could recommend something that’s just down the state or something half way across the World. Everyone has this feel for travel but not many are able to do so with their job but considering many do have vacation time it’s in the summer months that you’ll get that opportunity make a few sales.

If I were to develop a travel site I would:

  • Try to really niche it down versus the generic “10 places to see before you die” type content
  • Be active in the travel community so you can share your experiences
  • Make recommendations for places to see, foods to eat, cultural exchanges to try
  • Talk about how to go about making time (and money) for travel
  • Get others to contribute their travel experiences through content like video and interviews
  • Work hard on conveying the emotional connection people have with travel

Look, there are hundreds of travel sites that do a great job but again it’s possible because so many people have travel on their mind. There’s always room for a niche site to make its way in there especially if you make it feel personal.

When it comes time to do promotions you have plenty to work from:

  • Promoting all-inclusive vacation packages
  • Airfare
  • Lodging
  • Local events and activities
  • Travel insurance
  • Guides to the area
  • Items worth packing
  • Language learning

Remember that there are different types of travelers so that’s where the niche comes in. Do you want to go for those that have the money and just want something all-inclusive (big up-front commission) or something that likes to do solo/group travel and go off-the-grid which is likely to purchase recommended products, guides, and ways to get better airfare and lodging?

The travel niche is probably the most enjoyable if you are actively part of traveling. Document your journey – this way you’re having a blast while you’re roaming the Globe and you’re able to create great content during your down-time that could continue to fuel your expenses for travel – it’s win/win.

Who wouldn’t want to take a vacation (or even just a weekend trip to recharge those batteries). With so many events, sights, and experiences out there across the state, country, or even the World, you can bet people are willing to put down big money for great travel. Those higher investments will mean higher commissions so if you work it right then the travel niche may be right up your alley this summer.

Image by cocoparisienne