As satellite television becomes more and more popular, increasing numbers of service provides are turning to the Internet to promote their business and reach out to new customers. Satellite TV affiliate programs are among the most lucrative affiliate marketing programs available today, paying top commissions ranging between $100 and $150 per sale. With so much potential for success, this is one affiliate opportunity that is difficult to overlook.

Which satellite affiliate program should you choose? In order to find the best program, you need to compare the commission rates, affiliate tools, and consumer appeal of each option you are considering. The following top five satellite TV affiliate programs are those that offer top commission, provide excellent affiliate support, and appeal to online consumers. Check out these great satellite affiliate programs before you decide which is best for your needs.

1. Revenue Allies

With one of the best commission rates available, Revenue Allies stands out as an exceptional satellite TV affiliate program. Participating affiliates can earn as much as $145 for every sale they make by promoting some of the top brands in the satellite television industry. Recognized and trusted names such as Dish Network, DirecTV and Comcast provide a strong incentive for customers to sign up for a new satellite subscription.

Other benefits of the Revenue Allies program include payments twice each month and tracking of both phone and online sales. The dedication support and guidance ensures that you will be able to achieve the greatest results possible. Amazing tools and resources such as free Flash banners, unique landing pages, and offline marketing materials guarantee that affiliate partners can make the most of this top-notch program.

2. Buy My Dish

Buy My Dish offers another quality satellite TV affiliate program that you should consider. Offering the strong consumer appeal of Dish Network, the program boasts and impressive commission rate of $120 for every new satellite activation. The excellent programming packages and prices are a great way to motivate online shoppers to subscribe to satellite service. Buy My Dish also provides weekly payouts and excellent reporting and tracking tools, making this an ideal choice for many affiliate marketers.

3. AllSat Affiliate Programs

The AllSat affiliate program is another great option for marketers interested in selling satellite TV services on the Web Offering Dish Network service and programming packages, AllSat provides affiliates an impressive commission rate of $125 per sale. Excellent tracking tools and online stats allow affiliates to track their progress, which is essential for determining if your current marketing approach is effective.

4. iDishNetwork

Another great satellite TV affiliate program is offered by iDishNetwork, which allows affiliates to earn up to $110 for each new Dish Network subscriber. With quality tracking tools and other affiliate resources, marketers can sign up quickly and start earning money immediately. Affiliates can also opt for a satellite promotional website that comes with content and information at a low price of only $10 per month. If you’re looking for a robust and full-service satellite TV affiliate program, give this option some thought.

5. AllAmericanDish

One of the major reasons many consumers opt for satellite service is because it is a more affordable option than expensive cable service and plans. The satellite TV affiliate program offer by AllAmericanDish allows affiliates to take advantage of the great prices and packages offered by Dish Network, one of the most trusted and recognized brands in the satellite industry. Also, with a generous commission rate of $110 per sale, this affiliate program stands out as an wonderful choice for affiliate marketers.