Dating has always been one of the top niches for affiliates. Actually, it’s one of the top niches for online marketers in general. There’s one really simple reason for this. Finding a “mate” is one of the top life goals for every human being. Which means that the target market of dating sites is, quite simply, everyone.

This brings us to the affiliate program of– home of the top converting and largest dating sites online.

Pros has been around since 1996, which makes them a safe choice for every affiliate. It’s always better to do business with someone who’s proven to be profitable for years.

Additionally, affiliates can run promotions in a wide number of sub-niches, such as: adult dating, mainstream dating, LGBT dating, mature dating, alternative dating, ethnic dating, and others. In a sentence, has virtually any kind of dating site in their portfolio.

You also get to work with a team of professional affiliate managers who are ready to help both US-based and international affiliates. Currently, there are five affiliate senior managers at who speak English, Russian, Italian, Spanish, and Hebrew.

Cons is all about converting your traffic into leads and sales. There’s no “by-the-way” marketing. So if you sign up to this means that you are ready to start some serious promotions.

Keep in mind that has a very diverse portfolio that includes adult based sites. With that said, they also have multiple mainstream offers with the goal of offering affiliates all the tools they need to drive traffic and convert into leads and sales.


Apart from the $100 CPAs limited time promotion offered to new affiliates and 75% revenue share there are also occasional affiliate promotions going on. Currently, affiliates who manage to send more than 20 sales in one week to TheDatingNetwork.coms newest dating site,, get a free iPad 2.

Beyond’s aggressive (and lucrative) $100 CPA’s and 75% Rev Share opportunities, this program provides affiliates with some very attractive affiliate promotions.

  • Match & Beat by $10 or 10%: will match and beat any competitors dating program CPA payout by $10.  Plus, they give affiliates the opportunity to put their campaigns to the test.  If affiliates A/B test one of their products vs. a competitor’s product by split testing traffic evenly, if you don’t make more revenue promoting TheDatingNetwork’s product, they will match the competito’s revenue and beat it by 10%.
  • Limited Time Promotion with  For affiliates that generate the most sales with TheDatingNetwork’s newest dating, not only will affiliates get a FREE Backpack, but they will have the chance to get rewarded the following:
  • Send 50+ Sales = Apple TV or iPod Touch
  • Send 100+ Sales = The new iPad
  • Send 200+ Sales = Macbook Air
  • Send 300+ Sales = MacBook Pro

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Best For

All kinds of dating traffic. can help you monetize any kind of traffic that’s interested in dating, regardless of the specific type of dating your visitor is after.

Affiliate Revenue Model

Affiliates can earn up to $100 CPA, or 75% revenue share. offers weekly and/or monthly payments. Checks are issued with a minimum of $100, and wire transfers with a minimum of $1000.

There’s also an affiliate referral program, which enables you to pocket a percentage of what other affiliates earned (referred by you).

Promotional Tools Available

Affiliates can use tools such as: geo-targeted banners, custom landing page links, floating ads, profiles of the day (demo profiles to promote dating sites), thumbnail gallery pages, rich media ads (flash chat, flash games, floating ads, peel-back ads, etc.), email copy, testimonials, toolbars, video profiles, and video content.

Plus, you can contact your account manager and ask for any type of custom marketing material you need and they will be happy to accommodate you.


This all depends on the exact site you’re promoting, but essentially, allows traffic from all over the world. welcomes affiliates from: United States, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, the UK and many more!


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