Landing page” is a very vague term in Internet marketing (affiliate marketing included). In its simplest form, a landing page is just a normal webpage where visitors land after clicking a given ad or text link.

What makes landing pages so special is the “landing” part. A good landing page is designed to be congruent with the main source of its visitors. A simplest example: if an ad promises a free e-book then the landing page for this ad should present a visible link where visitors can download that e-book.

A landing page is never something that exists by itself, it’s always highly influenced by the source of traffic sending people to it. That is why selecting the best theme for your landing pages is not as easy as it initially seems.

For us, traits of a landing page friendly theme are:

  • Nice looks… For obvious reasons.
  • Highly configurable structure. So you can adjust your landing pages to whatever offer you want to promote.
  • Simplicity. There’s no place for clutter on a landing page, only the most important elements should find their place on it.

Of course, there are many more factors to landing pages, but having these three in mind is a good starting point, and something that will surely make your life easier when it comes to playing with your site (and improve your conversions at the same time).

The following list presents 10 great WordPress themes for landing pages. There’s no best one on this list. They’re all available at ThemeForest, which you can check out here.

1. Lista Landing Page


Lista Landing Page is a nice design for a newsletter signup landing page, a software download, or something similar. You can use the center block to show a video or a slideshow of product images or screenshots. Also, there are five basic color versions available.

Regular license is $8.

2. PixelApp – Landing Page for Applications


The name PixelApp – Landing Page for Applications says it all. This landing page theme has been designed with apps in mind. You can choose from 10 background textures, and you get full mobile support (to make sure that your landing page looks great on every device).

Regular license is $10.

3. Ambiento Premium Landing Page


This is a highly customizable theme with four different layouts and four color skins to start with. Depending on what type of offer you’re promoting you can easily tune the theme to fit your requirements.

Regular license is $8.

4. Social Media Agency – Landing Page


This theme lets you create a great landing page for a social media product or service. The theme includes things like: two working contact forms, slider, image hovers, scrolling background items, which add a bit of a dynamic touch to the whole thing.

Regular license is $8.

5. Interactive – The Landing Page


Interactive is a clean, simple landing page theme, perfect for a digital product download page or an email newsletter opt-in form. It features a nice box for social media buttons and product features that can be adjusted to your requirements.

Regular license is $8.

6. Landisimo – Landing Page with Facebook Template


Landisimo is a highly customizable theme providing 10 different color variations and  patterns for your background. You also get two predefined layouts for the main template and two more for the Facebook template.

Regular license is $9.

7. Stato Landing Page


Stato is a classic landing page example featuring a video box and another box for your call to action, or opt-in form. Along with the theme you also get a fully layered PSD file.

Regular license is $8.

8. Nice app – Responsive Landing Page


Nice app is a simple and clear landing page theme. It uses a lot of whitespace, which is always an indicator of a designer knowing their craft. If you’re promoting any kind of application on your landing page this theme might be the choice for you.

Regular license is $8.

9. Insure Landing Page


Insure is a diverse landing page theme that can be applied to many different offers. The default layout is two column, but there are three variations of it and three color styles. You also get PSD files if you want to customize the design even further.

Regular license is $12.

10. Kozuka Landing Page


Kozuka is the cheapest theme on this list (only $6), but it provides a truly great value for the money. You get 20 color styles, PSD files, four different layout variations, video support, shortcodes, Google fonts support, and more. Not to mention the slick and clean design.

Are you using a custom landing page theme currently? Let us know in the comments.