thesisWhy are landing pages so valuable? The main idea of a landing page is that it’s a webpage that has a precisely defined goal and no distracting elements that might keep a visitor from taking the desired action.

What it means is that a good landing page shouldn’t contain any sidebars, footers, social media buttons, or any other distracting stuff. Only that which is essential for the main goal and converting your visitors.

This main goal can be anything, but the most popular scenarios are: getting a sale, email subscription, filling out a survey, clicking an affiliate link.

There are various ways of creating a landing page in WordPress, however this time we’ll focus on Thesis Themes. Thesis enables you to turn virtually any page into a great landing page with very little work.

Note. To find out how to get Thesis (why you should get it), and how to have it installed on your affiliate site feel free to visit our guide: How To Get Started With Thesis.

Creating a Landing Page in Thesis

Start by selecting a page that you want to turn into a landing page. You need to get its ID. You can find it when you go to your WordPress admin > Pages > All Pages, and then select a page to edit.

Take a look at the address bar and notice the ID of the page (underlined in the image below).

You need to take this ID and use it when following the advice given in the official guide found here: Make a Sales Squeeze or Landing Page.

Discover how creative you can get with Thesis Themes!

Creating a Landing Page With Thesis Product Skin

Thesis Product Skin is an additional skin for your main Thesis Theme. It’s main power lies in the possibility of creating good looking landing pages, squeeze pages, sales pages, and so on, without any design or programming knowledge. All you have to do is use a friendly interface and drag & drop all the elements.

There are many interesting features like: predefined background colors, schemes, iPhone and iPad support, sliders, AWeber and MailChimp integration, pre-made call to action buttons, and more.

To get a more in-depth look into how Thesis Product Skin works feel free to watch this quick demonstration:

Thesis is taking the blogosphere by storm, that’s for sure, but what’s your experience? Have you tried it yet?