Affiliate marketing covers a great number of topics, strategies, and resources.

In many ways you must be a master of all trades. Having an expertise in all of the talents and knowledge that makes up affiliate marketing is virtually impossible to possess on your own – it’s still worth your while to do your best at understanding as much of it as you can.

This post will attempt to collect seven of those most important aspects of affiliate marketing you’ll want to be knowledgeable (and skillful) about. See which ones you can mark off your list.


1. Gaining a better (fundamental) understanding of the Web

There are plenty of free and paid resources, products, and services for building your website and all other elements of the business for its online operation but it’s still very important to know what’s happening on the fundamental level (code and so forth) so that you can make a better judgment for improving your business.


2. Diversifying the link building strategy

We all want good search engine placement because we all know the higher up we are the better chances at gaining and converting traffic. Link building is the cornerstone for SEO, still, but if you are the type to use outdated techniques (or too few) you might not ever see much traffic that’s why you should always adapt with the times and diversify your link building strategy when needed.


3. Creating truly great, worthwhile content

Nothing really beats great content. You can certainly create a lot of buzz and traffic through social media, advertising, and other marketing channels but content really is the end-all, be-all for a website because without it – there wouldn’t be anything there. The content goes beyond just a daily blog post into important, vital areas like sales pages, video, email, and more. Anyone can create content but it takes a decent amount of effort to make it great and worthwhile.


4. Constantly testing new offers (and optimizing the oldies)

What works today may not work tomorrow and it’s failing to realize this that many Affiliate Marketers (and business owners in general) start spiraling toward failure. The market can change overnight and those that don’t pivot or adjust will be left in the dust. The best way around this constant stress is to continually test new offers to the marketplace (so you’ll have it ready when needed) and to optimize the oldies (so they continue to perform well).


5. Working diligently on building a reputable brand

All the work you put into building your business is really worthless if you’re not working on a brand. A brand is what carries you to success. You may have an awesome offer but if people don’t know you, trust you, or understand you then they’re not going to buy from you. A brand goes beyond a logo; it really needs to be an integral part of your business (and daily activities).


6. Taking time to engage the community (on a real level)

On the flipside to the whole branding idea is the fact that if you don’t have a great community then your brand is pretty much worthless. It’s important to continually engage the community on a real level in order to gain insights about their habits, wants, and needs through feedback and opinion as this will help you make those important adaptations and pivots in business. Take care of your customers (and general fan base) and they will take care of you.


7. Testing (just about anything and every) to optimize

Last (but certainly not least) is the all-importance of testing which is what really sets the amateur from the professional. We all like to think we know what we’re doing but reality is that we aren’t mind readers; we can assume someone may like our work and offers just because we do. Testing should be done constantly. It matters more that you at least try and test something than to go blindly into work.



Seven made this list which covers a majority of the most important aspects of being successful at affiliate marketing but there is certainly more to be done. What would you add to the list?