I, like many marketers, subscribe to a variety email lists not just for the information and updates but to keep tabs on the competition.

I am an active practitioner of creating swipe files (see my post on creating and using them). These files allow me to keep tabs on the competition but they’re mainly used to draw inspiration.

This one, though, was a little better than others … I could see it was laser focused on engaging the new subscribers and converting them on affiliate offers.

This is why I wanted to dissect the email.

I hope that by doing so you may gain a better understanding of what goes into emails that sell.

Not all of this may apply to your efforts but I’m sure you’re smart enough to see how to work in certain methods and strategies into your own.

Let’s have a look. Shall we?

Click to see full sized image.

Go ahead and let all that sink in for just a moment.

Okay, time’s up.

Now let’s start breaking it down in chunks to see how it all plays out …

The Breakdown

Right from the beginning the email lets you know its intent: You’re setting up a website.

The process for setting up a website seems rather basic to us marketers that have done it time and time again but look at the email through fresh eyes – from someone who’s never done it before.

You will notice the first two links point to hosting with GoDaddy (divided into two parts so they’re easily digested versus having someone sit through a tediously long piece of content).

People know the name GoDaddy which is probably why it’s listed as the first choice. GoDaddy, though, does come up with a lot of mixed reviews which is why I believe they’ve also included Hostgator as the secondary option within this email. (Hostgator pays a lot for new signups, too).

The videos are short and very direct. They include the necessary elements to do well in search engines (optimized title) and keep users engaged through branding and linked resources (that goes straight to Godaddy/Hostgator as an affiliate).

Next up we have the WordPress video section (also broken into two parts for easy digestion).

People that have done their research into setting up websites have most likely heard of WordPress as one of the many options. Since the focus of these videos is about setting up niche websites the process show in the video is specific to maximizing ones’ efforts in developing these types of sites.

Now this next section is where things get good:

They explain they were using a free theme that just wasn’t really working (this subliminally hints that free themes aren’t all that great which then plants the idea, in the readers’ mind, that premium is the way to go).

They’ve created a theme for these niche sites (which ultimately earns them more money versus just gaining commissions); the link sends them to a landing page which surely helps with conversions. It also allows them to provide support which aids in the conversion since you’re walking someone through the process (which makes it hard to say no when they’re holding your hand).

They’ve included a guide on setting up the theme for niche sites which is basically another marketing plug for the theme wrapped into a tutorial.

Then they work in an effort to get people on board that are still resistant …

They include a section that pitches their Do-It-For-You services for setting up the website.


  • Allows them to pitch additional services (like their content publishing packages)
  • Earn commissions on the essentials (as they would if people went through their links)
  • Gets people to work closely with them which builds trust and opportunity to pitch new ideas

The email closes somewhat abruptly but in a good way by not adding any other fluff.


Are there better emails out there than this example? Of course.

But let’s just focus on what we’ve got.

This email came to my inbox and I felt absolutely compelled to dig into its content … and it was surprising that I wanted to since it’s information I already poses.

The tone and value conveyed within the email hooks you right in. You’re given a ton of great information but, more importantly, information that you can act upon. The email gets you excited and the resources to move forward with that momentum – that’s why it works and that’s why it makes money.

Now … see what you can do about your emails.

Try something fresh. Try something like this example. Tap into that swipe file. Make an email you’d want to read. Make an email that could get you to take action.