Three hot ClickBank products to promote - affiliateprograms.comClickBank, one of the most popular affiliate networks, was founded in 1998. With more than 100,000 active affiliates, it’s a big network. Add to that more than 50,000 digital products, and you’ve got a powerhouse.

For affiliates, ClickBank is a common first step in affiliate marketing; it serves a huge role in introducing affiliates to the affiliate marketing industry.

One thing that draws affiliates to ClickBank is the simple fact that it’s easy. There’s no approval process for affiliates, so anyone can sell a ClickBank product. And even more importantly, it’s easy to get paid. ClickBank is known for treating both affiliates and publishers fairly and paying on time.

So if you’re looking to get started in affiliate marketing, or looking to expand into a new niche, here are three great, top-selling ClickBank products you can promote.

Three hot ClickBank products to promote -

Mobile Money Machines — Mobile marketing is hot, and recent mobile-focused products have done well on ClickBank. While this product has a great sales page and exceptionally high gravity, it’s probably something that will fizzle out in the long run. Why? Mobile marketing is simply moving too fast, and affiliates can create a great product that will be outdated in a few months, or weeks.

Three hot ClickBank products to promote - — This is a great way to leverage the survey industry’s popularity. As an affiliate, you’ll be creating leads for this survey business, driving potential survey takers toward forms that gauge their interest in consumer products or participate in online product testing. While this is relatively new product, the niche has traditionally done well on ClickBank.

Three hot ClickBank products to promote -

The Diet Solution — If you’re in affiliate marketing, you know what a strong niche weight loss can be. And if you’re tried to launch a site in the weight loss niche, you know how competitive it can be. This product, which has been a top performer at ClickBank for year, was recently refreshed in 2011. Over the years, it’s delivered consistently high gravity and commissions for affiliates. Other products in this niche you’ll want to check out include Fat Burning Furnace and Truth About Abs.

How to read ClickBank’s stats

When you’re browsing for products on ClickBank, one of the best ways to know if a product sells is to look at its gravity. Gravity, according to ClickBank, is a proprietary formula that shows you how many affiliates have made money from a product in the past 90 days. In general, the higher the better. (However, excessively high gravity might also mean excessively high competition.)

In addition to the gravity, check these other statistics:

  • $/sale: How much anaffiliate earns for each sale of a product.
  • Future $: If this is a recurring subscription product, this is the average amount of a sale after the initial purchase.
  • Total $/sale: If this is a one-item purchase, this number equals $/sale. This can be higher than the $/sale when it includes future sales or upsells.
  • %/sale: The commission rate you’ll earn.
  • %refd: This is how much of the product’s sales are referred by affiliates.

And while we haven’t gone into the pros and cons of being a ClickBank affiliate in this article, I do want to remind you to research ClickBank and ensure that the product you’re offering is high-quality with a low return rate and high customer satisfaction.

All this information gives you an overview of the products — how much you’re likely to make and how competitive it is.

Ready to get started now? Go to ClickBank and set up your account today.

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