As an internet marketer, Facebook gives you everything you can possibly need to target the right audience. It’s up to you to take everything you have available, then create a winning ad campaign. In our previous posts we already covered how to create your first ad campaign, manage your Facebook Ads costs, and how to drive the best results by split testing your image ads. Now lets take all of that information and provide some great tips on how to create a winning ad campaign,

1.) Create Super Targeted Ad Campaigns

The power of Facebook Ad’s demographics and interest targeting can truly be appreciated when you start to look at it from a “dating” advertiser’s point of view. I quickly setup an ad campaign that can be modified to fit any dating offer out there. In the earlier days of banner advertising, it was tough to target the right audience with your banner ads, as many people who are not single or maybe even married would likely see your ads all over the web. Now through the advanced self serve platform at Facebook Ads, you can create super targeted ad campaigns like the one below.

It’s easy to see how powerful this type of targeting on Facebook can be with dating ads, especially when so many dating landing pages are built specifically for a niche audience. Don’t get too excited and start diving into a market you might not know too much about. Dating is a heavily saturated market, and the competition is tough and the margins are thin. Instead of jumping directly into dating, think about how you can zoom in on other product/service demographics the same way we have with dating.

2.) Related with the Viewers Interests & Get Their Attention!

If you are a current user of Facebook, there is no doubt that you are probably seeing ads on the right side of your page that relate to your favorite shows, movies, music or hobbies. You can also bet that those type of ads are getting some really great traffic and click throughs, especially because you can target directly to only the people who are interested in those topics.

In the next example we can get a little fun and create a fake ad campaign for a “Harry Potter” promotion. This would apply well for a mobile quiz or email/zip submit offer. The goal with a campaign like this, is to get a lot of clicks cheap… which means you will have to focus on getting a high click through rate.

I went very wide on the “audience” targeting options with this ad copy, just to show how much information there is to offer. All of the interests selected were “Harry Potter” related. I also decided to go with an older age group, at “30-35″… yet, this ad campaign would still be targeting 2,439,420 people on Facebook.

The takeaway here is that you can focus in on a select interest that has a world wide attention, but also breaking down the interest into smaller age groups and sub interests. If you were to tweak this campaign and build ad copies for each movie, then target those movies individually, you would likely see better click results.

Just like “Harry Potter” is a hot top niche on Facebook, there are a ton of other die hard groups out there too… and some of them are much smaller in size, but their dedication and love for that interest is even bigger. Create small tight niche ad campaigns based on what people are interested and you will find some great results.

3.) Get Creative with Your Images and Text Ad Copy

The ad campaigns that make the most money and get the best click through rates, are most likely ones that are thinking outside of the box and pushing the envelope. When you are logged into your Facebook account, look at the ads on the right side of the page. How many of them have a boring headline and image? You can be sure they get super low click through rates ad probably paying .50-$1+ per click!

The key to a winning Facebook campaign, is to get the user to click. The best way to do this is through a mixture of targeting and killer ad copy. Head over to Google Images and perform a search for “funny faces” and you will see a never ending supply of images that will bring any boring ad campaign to life. Now think about how you can use these ad campaigns to promote a campaign, yet still making sense at the same time.

The few seconds it takes to highlight, tweak or photoshop any image, can quickly swing a poor creative to a few percentage points higher… which means a lower cost per click for you. Granted, going through the images on Google Images and pulling out what you like isn’t the best idea, as some images may be copyrighted, or not approved for all ad campaigns… but more than anything else, this is to get your mind and creativity flowing.

BONUS: Need More Ideas for Winning Facebook Ads Campaigns?

Still not satisfied or motivated to come up with new ideas for your ad campaigns? Head over to Google and perform an Images search for “Facebook Ads” and you will see hundreds, if not thousands of people who have posted actual Facebook Ads that they have seen in their own accounts. You can see one of these examples below.

Remember, you don’t want to copy exact ad copies that you see around the web. First off, it’s never fun to have your work copied, and secondly, you don’t know what demographics and interests they are targeting, or what internal testing they have done to make the campaign works. Keep creating your own campaigns and testing, and you will find success on Facebook Ads!

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