health-fitness-affiliate-programWith the holidays coming up, you know what’s in store. Eating, drinking, partying and yes, the inevitable weight gain. So right after the holiday binge comes our New Year’s resolutions to exercise, eat right and be healthy.

And it happens every year. On January 1, our focus shifts from having a good time to sweating it out. And that’s a great opportunity for affiliates.

According to research firm IBIS World, health and fitness clubs in the U.S. alone bring in more than $25 billion in annual sales. Add in the sales of nutritional supplements, which exceed $23 billion, and you’ve got an industry that exceeds the gross domestic product of some nations.

While there are dozens of terrific health and fitness programs you can promote as an affiliate, today we’re focusing on three programs you can start promoting right away, and getting ready for the onslaught of traffic and sales you’ll see in January.

The Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet is a popular, protein-based diet that originated in France and is gaining appeal worldwide, with an estimated 5 million people around the world having been helped by this diet. This online coaching program is a personalized plan that’s unique to each customer. It pays a fair commission rate and has an average sale of more than $100. (Please note that while this is a British website, they welcome foreign affiliates.) The keywords for the Dukan Diet have low competition, so this niche could be a great opportunity for an ambitious affiliate.

Commission: 15 percent
Cookie Length: 30 days
Network: Commission Junction
3 Month EPC: $79.03
7 day EPC: $21.10


Department store retailer Sears has a terrific collection of fitness products such as treadmills, ellipticals and bicycles. If you review health and fitness products on your affiliate site, this is a great opportunity to capture high-dollar sales while capitalizing on product-specific, long-tail keywords.

Commission: 2-7 percent
Cookie Length: 5 days
Network: Google Affiliate Network
3 Month EPC: $36.10
7 day EPC: $55.96

TF Supplements

Before we talk about why TF Supplements is a good affiliate program, let me discuss why the supplements business can be risky for affiliates. Some supplements, which promise more than they can deliver, or which later lead to adverse health effects for users, can open a super affiliate to legal issues. So if you’re going to promote this category, make sure you’re doing it for safe, effective supplements. That said, TF Supplements has a wide range of healthy and effective products and reviews of these products can lead to substantial traffic after the holidays, when resolution-fulfilling buyers seek a quick fix to their health and fitness challenges.

There’s one caveat with this niche. If you’re trying to get natural search traffic, make sure you’re optimizing for product names and not the “supplements” category, which is overcrowded with highly competitive sites.

Commission: 10 percent
Cookie Length: 60 days
Network: ShareASale
30 Day EPC: $91.38
7 day EPC: $78.76

Are you a health and fitness affiliate? What programs have you had success with in the past? What are you focusing on right now?