Affiliate marketing is an industry which changes nearly every day.

New strategies are discovered, changes to algorithms, players in the market, and more, are buzzing or on their way out. Having the ability to keep tabs on this information allows you to adjust your affiliate marketing strategy. You gain the benefit of riding trends. Keeping up-to-date with strategies will put you ahead of the curb and will lead to greater rankings.

Of course, keeping up with all the news can be tedious and tiresome. Bouncing between multiple websites is inefficient especially when you have important tasks to complete.

Luckily there are websites that aggregate the news so you aren’t spending an eternity bouncing between your bookmarks.

The following are a few of which I’ve found that’ll help with keeping you on point with what’s happening in the affiliate marketing industry (and by using the news you’ll gain an edge on the completion): takes a ton of RSS feeds from some of the biggest blogs in affiliate marketing (and other forms of marketing) and displays their latest posts. There is an area to show the popular stories at the top, upcoming events, and a social feed.

You can find sites like:

  • OfferVault
  • FinchSells
  • AffPlaybook
  • IMGrind
  • ViperChill
  • and a whole lot more

Dip by the site every once in a while and you’re bound to find some solid information or at least inspiration for your next campaign (or piece of content). is nearly identical to AffBuzz but a little more condensed in the presentation and gives you customization features to setup your preferred feeds.

The draw is being able to quickly scan and dig through the top stories from major blogs like:

  • And many, many others.

If AffBuzz doesn’t do it for you then AffDaily is sure to suite your needs. In some ways there’s almost too much information on the page but take your time, find which ones you want to track, setup an account, and curate your own list. doesn’t have the most attractive design but it gets the job done. The basic site has feeds from some of the bigger named individuals in affiliate marketing but you’re also able to create an account, add your own feeds, block others, and customize portions of the site to fit your needs.

The Twitter section keeps you updated on what’s being shared but the ‘news’ tab doesn’t seem to do much at this time (or maybe it’s just not working on my end).

Overall – it’s worth a look if you’re not finding anything from the other two.

Bonus: Feedly

Feedly became a great RSS alternative once Google closed its doors on Reader. If you’ve yet to use the service you’ll be delighted how easy it is to mitigate your old feeds to the new platform. If you’re fresh to the platform now would be the perfect time to set it up for just affiliate news.

Once you’ve got an account do a search for in the + Add Content area for:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing News
  • Online Marketing
  • Pay Per Click
  • Online Advertising

Play with the keywords, add some sites you feel are authoritative in the bunch, and you’ll now have a nice, personalized set of feeds to keep you up-to-date.


Keeping up with the news is essential to any industry. You’ll have the insider knowledge of what’s happening and what needs to be adjusted to play the game.

One thing I do recommend is that you don’t become too involved with the news. You need to be out there making things happen. News will help guide you in the right direction but it’s the actions you take that lead to the reward. Read it and leverage it. That’s how you move forward.