Best WordPress Affiliate Programs - affiliateprograms.comIf you’re an affiliate running a website that’s not based on WordPress, I just have one question for you. Why?

WordPress, as we’ve covered many times here before, is the most powerful, most scalable, and most user-friendly open-source content management system (CMS) you can select for your affiliate website.

Affiliate marketers, in particular, love WordPress. They choose it because of the flexibility, the great on-page SEO, and the ability to easily place affiliate advertising on their sites.

Much of this extended functionality is achieved through plugins, simple little extensions to your WordPress install that can do everything from creating an HTML form to integrating your site with Google Analytics.

For today’s post, I’ve chosen three plugins that give you additional functionality that you need to have for a high-performing affiliate site.

ClickBank Hop Ad – You’ll love this if you’re a ClickBank affiliate. This plugin allows you to install a ClickBank text link ad on your site as a configurable widget. That means you can create text links to ClickBank products and customize the appearance (fonts, colors) of the links. It’s a fairly simple plugin that makes it very easy to test how design and copy changes can improve your commissions.

Pretty Link – One of the big challenges of creating affiliate links on your site is redirecting and tracking all of them accurately. This is a greta plugin that solves that challenge. Pretty Link allows you to create custom URLs and redirecting them to for affiliate link. Along the way, it also tracks the amount of clicks you get per link. For instance, if you want to link to a product, and determine whether you’ll get better results in the body of an article text or in a display ad, you can create both links and follow the results here.

In addition, the Pro version of Pretty Link allows you to cloak your links, which keeps them safe from less-than-scrupulous affiliates. All in all, an essential plugin if affiliate marketing is your business.

WordPress-Banner – If you’ve been reading this blog for any time, you probably recognize I’m not a fan of banner advertising. Regardless, it’s a necessity and a great way to make money on certain kinds of sites. WP Banner Admin makes it easy to manage the various banner ads from different affiliate programs on your site. When you use this plugin, you can use different banners from one affiliate program or different banners from different affiliate programs in the same spot. If you have a high-traffic site, this is a perfect tool to use when you’re split testing your advertising to see what performs the best.

What WordPress plugins do you use on your affiliate website? Which plugins are essential?